Your 501® Story: The Exhibition

Your 501® Story: The Exhibition


150 visual storytellers explore the power of the original blue jean.


PhotoVogue is thrilled to reveal the selected images of “Your 501® Story,” our Global Open Call in partnership with Levi’s celebrating the 150th anniversary of the 501® jean. This digital exhibition features a selection of 150 captivating and thought-provoking photographs that showcase the essence of the 501® jean as a canvas for personal expression.

We received an overwhelming response to our Global Open Call, garnering over six thousand submissions from talented visual storytellers across 82 countries, each providing their unique interpretation of what the 501® jean means to them. Through their lenses, they captured moments of self-expression, freedom, and rebellion, embodying the spirit of the original blue jean.

This exhibition showcases the most inspiring and alluring submissions, each telling a personal story and reminding us that the 501® jean is more than just a piece of clothing; it’s an iconic symbol of individuality that has been worn and loved by millions of people around the world.

We invite you to explore this collection of photographs and discover the power of the 501® jean.


Meet Our Official Jury

Head of Global PhotoVogue & Director of PhotoVogue Festival

Alessia Glaviano is a prominent figure in international photographic criticism, serving as Head of Global PhotoVogue and Director of the PhotoVogue Festival. She launched PhotoVogue in 2011, a platform that allows photographers to share their work worldwide. Glaviano has curated exhibitions in prestigious museums and institutions, led Vogue Italia’s Instagram strategy, and directed the first conscious fashion photography festival dedicated to Ethics and Aesthetics. She has lectured at various universities and participated as a jury member in numerous internationally acclaimed photography contests.

Vice President, Levi’s® Global Brand Creative Team

Chad Hinson is the VP of Levi’s® Global Brand Creative Team, with over 15 years of experience in building emotional connections with consumers. He creates global campaigns and unique experiences for Levi’s® fans worldwide, rooted in authentic human experiences and storytelling. Chad has worked with renowned photographers and artists like Jim Goldberg, Janette Beckman, Futura, and Cey Adams. He holds a degree in Fashion Design from the University of Texas at Austin and has expertise in Marketing and Advertising.

APAC Editorial Director and Editor-in-Chief, Vogue Taiwan

Leslie Sun is the APAC Editorial Director for Vogue and Editor-in-Chief for Vogue Taiwan. She is an influential figure in Taiwanese contemporary art and culture, with a passion for art collecting and an interdisciplinary lifestyle. Sun is also the co-founder of the Young Collectors Club of Taiwan and a member of the advisory board for Taipei Dangdai. She holds a Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from California Institute of the Arts and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (Marketing) from the University of Southern California.

Stylist and Fashion Director at Large, GQ

Mobolaji Dawodu is a global fashion maverick and Fashion Director at large for GQ. His childhood between Nigeria and the US informs his sophisticated, panoramic view of the world, evident in his work styling, casting, and art directing projects in over 50 countries. Dawodu has worked on ad campaigns for major brands and styled notable figures like Brad Pitt and Jennifer Lopez, in addition to his costume design work on feature films. He lives in New York and is also a consultant for brands including Missoni.

Stylist and Sustainability Editor, Vogue Magazine

Tonne Goodman, a fashion editor and former model, has been a force in American fashion for almost five decades. Her unwavering point of view and ability to stay in tune with cultural changes have helped define and evolve American fashion. A native New Yorker, Goodman studied art before joining Diana Vreeland at the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. She later worked as Vice President of Advertising at Calvin Klein and collaborated with publications such as The New York Times, Life Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, and notably, American Vogue as Fashion Director and now Sustainability Editor.

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