Weekly Horoscope: March 19 to 25, 2023

Weekly Horoscope: March 19 to 25, 2023

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Your weekly horoscope is here. Move over corporate capitalism; the group-oriented futurist era begins Thursday.

Keep up with helpful technology and balance it with your holistic, mystic side. Remember you are an emanation of the cosmos, stay centered in your own power. Aries season begins on Monday with the Spring Equinox, so get behind your dreams with initiative and go for a personal growth spurt. Start something new, or pull the trigger on your New Year’s resolutions; there’s still time! Tuesday’s new moon is the freshest cycle of the year, so set and commit to your intentions with everything you have. 

Read on to discover your weekly horoscope and what’s in store for your sign during the week of March 19 through March 25, 2023.



It’s your time to shine, Aries! Your solar season starts on Monday, following up with a new moon (in Aries) on Tuesday. So, happy birthday! There’s been quite a lot of activation in your sign, and this month continues on the theme with Mercury, the Planet of communication taking on the guise of the Ram from Sunday. This means fresh ideas and a fast-paced entrepreneurial spirit wins the day. It’s your road or no road right now. Set your best intentions on this lunar cycle to bear fruit six months from now, then close up the cycle in one year. Pluto moves into your zone of groups, peers, and friends on Thursday, for the next twenty years, so it’s all about teamwork. Lend your leadership to a greater cause and transcend the ego to survive and thrive! 


The month ahead is all about R&R, Taurus. Get that rest and relaxation nailed. Add a few early nights and long, sleepy mornings to the to-do list. Tuesday marks the beginning of Spring; however, it’s still nippy, so staying warm and rested is essential. Your Zen zone is where it’s at. Recharge your social batteries so you’re ready for your birthday season because it’s only four weeks down the road! Active meditation or a slow-moving martial art like Tai Chi may be beneficial. This is dream journal time as subterranean (or sub-Taurean in this case ; ) messages bubble up in dream metaphors and sudden epiphanies. Heavy hitter Pluto takes up a twenty-year stay in your career zone, so prepare to go hard or go home. Choose intensity, transformation, and power moves, at least professionally. 


Stay adaptable as plans change, like desert sands. Your sign is picking up oasis-like illusions right now. So don’t be down on people flaking out on commitments. Make the most of the space that opens up instead. Consider your path and what is truly sustainable for you before making any big decisions, especially around your career trajectory. That said, your social battery is charged and ready to go, go, go as this season lights up your zone of friends, groups, and peers. Take an active approach to leadership and initiate a get-together, group fitness class, or adventure. Try new things along with your squad. Travel or higher ed may have a serious flavor to it as Pluto, the Planet of intensity and power struggles, positions in your zone of expansion for the next, oh, twenty years! You’ll need to be all in. 


Action planet Mars charges up your sign from Saturday, so make the most of your extra energy. Thanks to the assertiveness and go factor, you’re extra over the next two months. What you initiate over the next two weeks has staying power, so stick to your plan and don’t be enticed from your mission for love or money! It’s Aries season, a period of self-interested initiation. This archetype’s brassy, brash side tends to rub you the wrong way, so be ready. Instead of irritation, call on its strengths of independent frontierswoman to get you through any confrontations or jams. Pluto finally moves out of a fifteen-year opposition with your sign. The work is done, and you have seen it all in your one-to-ones. Why not celebrate this weekend?


Your thirst for action and adventure ignites with the Spring equinox, so open your horizons. Over the next month, try something new through travel, cuisine, a class, or teaching your skills. A unique philosophy will serve you well, so conversations or podcasts on the meaning of life are a must. You have your own ideas on such things, put hot topics on the table, and pass the talking stick. Thursday marks a change of the guard in your sphere of one-to-ones as Pluto, the Planet of power (and power struggles), heads into this area. This is a long twenty-year saga of finding and asserting your power, dealing with real intimacy, and balancing out your or someone else’s play for domination. Expect powerful attractions to cerebral types and be sure trust is earned. Social scientist Brene Brown is an expert on all things Plutonic; check out her fantastic work. 


Turn down the lights and turn up the heat Virgo; this season highlights your zone of sex, intimacy, and the unseen. Passion, metaphysics, secrets; take an adventurous, no-prisoners approach. Every topic is manageable for your agile intellect. Psychology may be of interest or getting to know someone on a deeper level, whether that’s a steamy night in or familial friendship. Set your intentions for intimacy on Tuesday’s new moon and call in your ideal feeling and scenario. Take time to reflect. And consider what you may need to let go of to be reborn in this area. Are you ready for something new or next level? With the pushy Planet of power plays heading into your daily work and wellness zone on Thursday, prepare for the odd tussle at work. Best to dig into a worthy challenge. Bonus points if it includes research or detective work. Transform your health and fitness in the same way; challenge yourself.


Monday marks the Spring Equinox, meaning you’re halfway around the sun with six months to your birthday. The opposite point in the zodiac from which you were born. Your zone of the other is highlighted, so foreground your most significant one-to-ones. It’s baes time to shine. Or at least it’s time to platform partnerships. We learn most about who we really are through the looking glass of the other. It’s our area of self-development. No problem, says the sign of one-to-ones! This is your best excuse to organize active dates, take the lead, and make the first move with that cutie you noticed. Talk about where you’re headed as a duo and manage expectations. Dating, sex, and creativity intensify as the Planet of powerful persuasion moves into your zone of creative self-expression. Find an artistic or meaningful hobby to let off steam! 


Work and wellness routines are a focal point over the next four weeks, so get active. This isn’t your yin yoga moment, so dial it up and sweat. Take a leadership or entrepreneurial approach at work or finally kick off that side hustle you’ve been thinking about forever. Whatever, just do it. This is a strong month for you and worth taking an assertive, I-can-do-anything approach. Let go of outcomes and take them step by step. Routines could do with refreshing, so try a new gym, route to work, or approach. Strike up a conversation when someone stands out to you positively; it’s likely your intuition signaling. Ready for a fixer-upper? What could do with some serious stripping back and regeneration? In your home zone from Thursday, Pluto suggests it’s time for deep psychological work. Apply it to your residence, a renovation project, or your psyche with a talented therapist. 


Fill up your dance card, Sagittarius; it’s time for a Spring fling. Monday marks the equinox signaling new life is ready to burst free. And so are you! Go out solo, on dates, with friends, lovers, or your significant one. Try new things, keep it active and stimulating, perhaps a little thrilling, and a little terrifying if you’re the adventurous type. The activity supports your spirit and path forward, so no sitting on your laurels. Go out, have fun, and do what you enjoy. Pluto isn’t just a Disney character; it’s a planet that represents magnified power and wealth, the kind that keeps to the back rooms, the real (hidden) power. This is a supportive placement in your zone of short courses, siblings, and local relationships. Use it to research or study. There’s strength in numbers; are you ready to work with your community? 


It’s a good news day, Capricorn. Since 2008 the galactic gangster, aka Planet Pluto, has been in your sign. Drawing out the dark side of people and systems in power on a global scale, you would have felt its push for transformation on a personal level. Since it’s stay in each sign is extensive, that may have been some time ago if you were born early in Capricorn or still on the tail end if you were born in the final days. However, the work is done, so embrace a more lighthearted note from Thursday. As a titan of tenacity, you may have endured a loss, subsequent transformation, and a rather fetching rebirth. Self-empowerment and deep resilience look good on you! Your zone of resources and values (money and stuff) is up for deep work now. Stay honest and true to your highest principles, and be prepared to build your empire from the ground up. 


It’s big news for you, Aquarius. With the surly Planet Saturn recently exiting your sign (good riddance!), you’ve had a quick breath before Thursday’s new twenty-year addition. Pluto is the Planet of power, the shadow, decay, and renewal or rebirth. A complete transformation is the name of its archetypal game. Since it spends so long in each sign, you may not feel its effects for some time, depending on when you were born (early, mid, or late Aquarius). However, you’ll see and relate to Aquarian themes over this period. If you’ve had your authority or expertise tested, now it’s time for your power. So recognize what that is or means for you. Self-empowerment and your place and contribution within a collective of friends, peers, or community are the focal points. This is slow, long-term growth, so no pressure for this week. Just note themes for now.


This is the last weekend of Pisces season as a new week heralds a new sign. Make the most of your final day of Pisces’ creative Dreamtime. Do meditation, go to the show, sleep in, make art, or make love. Marked by the Spring Equinox on Monday, turn toward action, energy, and adventure. Activate your inner entrepreneur, as this period spotlights your financial zone. Simplify, test a promising idea, or take a fresh approach. Stay aligned with your values; even better, be sure they feature in how you make, spend, and invest your dollars. The Planet of transformation burrows into your zone of dreams and deep unconscious for a relatively long twenty-year passage. Note the hard shoves your inner knowing gives you. Best to keep a dream diary for those significant liminal metaphors. Transformation is through spiritual practice, so experiment with Yoga Nidra (psychic sleep, it’s very restful) and get your meditation on point. 

Vanessa Montgomery—a.k.a. Astro All-Starz—is a professional counseling astrologer and the upcoming author of Astro Power: A Simple Guide to Prediction and Destiny for the Modern Mystic Aimed at enlightenment and seeing past labels to the oneness that unites us all, Montgomery’s work also helps navigate the practical essentials with grounded cosmic intel. Her motto: Free your mind, own your power, create your world. You can learn more at astroallstarz.com or follow Montgomery on Instagram @astro_allstarz.

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