Tourist sneaks Musang King into Sentosa hotel room, gets letter warning of $500 fine, Singapore News

Tourist sneaks Musang King into Sentosa hotel room, gets letter warning of $500 fine, Singapore News

Khoo Yi-HangPUBLISHED ONJuly 27, 2023 3:20 AMByKhoo Yi-Hang

Spending a night with this ‘King’ nearly cost one woman $500 after she sneaked ‘him’ into her room.

A Chinese tourist received a warning letter from W Singapore after she consumed Musang King durians in her hotel room.

“Let me tell you all something serious,” the woman wrote in a Xiaohongshu post on Sunday (July 23).

“You can’t eat durians when you’re in Singapore hotel rooms.”

She had just finished eating dinner with her family when they came across a stall that sold durians.

While they were not big fans of the pungent fruit, she decided to buy some Musang King because it was a special variety.

Already full from dinner, the tourist placed the durians in a ziplock bag, preparing to consume them later at night in her hotel room.

Come the next day, however, she was shocked to find a warning letter from the hotel after room service.

The letter detailed: “Due to the pungent and unique smell of the durian, please do not bring it into the hotel room.

“We understand that the durian is a delicacy that many love, but its strong smell often lingers and may affect the experience of subsequent guests who stay in the room.”

Guests will receive a $500 fine if hotel staff detect the smell of durians in their rooms, the letter said, the amount will be used to cover costs of additional cleaning.

“I know that durians aren’t allowed on public transport in Singapore, but I never thought that durians aren’t allowed in hotel rooms or room balconies,” the tourist wrote in her post.


“Fortunately, the hotel said that the fine can be waived for first-time offenders… Thank god, and thank you W Singapore for your very understanding management. I won’t do it again.”

While this tourist got away with a slap on the wrist, another hotel guest across the Causeway wasn’t so lucky.

Malaysian actress Yumi Wong received an RM1,000 (S$290) fine in January after she consumed durians in her hotel room.

“I’m such an idiot. I wasn’t aware that you can’t eat durians in hotels… This durian is so expensive,” she wrote in an Instagram Story post, The Star reported.


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