Top Trending Hashtag on Twitter is #AutoGPT Which is Part of Accelerating AGI Everywhere

Top Trending Hashtag on Twitter is #AutoGPT Which is Part of Accelerating AGI Everywhere

AutoGPT is part of a wave of multi-step ChatGPT systems that can handle more complicated tasks and planning. AutoGPT is the top trending hashtag on Twitter and the most active in Github.

Planning, memory and scaling were the main things missing from making ChatGPT-4 into an AGI.

These are primitive AGI but rapid improvement will get us to massive disruption by the end of this year. This will be a highly useful and capable form of AGI. Everyone will use this for productive boosting.

Wow, #AutoGPT is trending #1 on Twitter!

Also top of the week on GitHub trending, where we’ve just reached 30k stars! 🤯

So great to see how inspired everyone is, very exited for the future of humanity.

Big things are coming. 👀

— Significant Gravitas (@SigGravitas) April 12, 2023

the top three trending repos on github are all self-prompting “primitive agi” projects:

1) babyagi by @yoheinakajima
2) autogpt by @SigGravitas
3) jarvis by @Microsoft

these + scaling gets you the rest of the way there.

— Siqi Chen (@blader) April 6, 2023

Big Brain Idea: Create an AutoGPT bot to continuously hunt for bugs in OpenAI systems.

— Matt Wolfe (@mreflow) April 12, 2023

why do you need chatgpt plugins if you can autogpt your browser?

this is babyagi for chrome.

the acceleration is real.

(disclosure: i am an investor but this is why)

— Siqi Chen (@blader) April 12, 2023

AutoGPTs are all the rage, but everyone’s running it on their MacBooks.

Well, I got @SigGravitas’s AutoGPT working on my iPhone using @Replit! I can now summon AI agents on-the-go!

Here’s how to get it up and running, without writing a line of code, in under 60 seconds!

— Nate Chan (@nathanwchan) April 12, 2023

2. AutoGPT might be the next big step in AI.

You can now give a task and it can now autonomously plan, execute, browse the web, and revise strategies to complete tasks.

— Barsee 🐶 (@heyBarsee) April 12, 2023

#AutoGPT is the new disruptive kid on the block- It can apply #ChatGPT‘s reasoning to broader, more intricate issues requiring planning & multiple steps.

Still early but very impressive with many health and biomedicine applications.

Just tried #AgentGPT and asked it to…

— Daniel Kraft, MD (@daniel_kraft) April 12, 2023

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