Top Things to see in the Volvo CONEXPO Booth by Job Role

Top Things to see in the Volvo CONEXPO Booth by Job Role

If you’re planning to attend CONEXPO 2023 this year, make plans to visit us in the Festival Lot, Booth F8926. We’ll have a lot on display including upgraded diesel models, all-new electric machines, futuristic concepts, customized solutions to help you grow your business the right way and a lot more.

Our booth is massive, so if time’s tight or you need help deciding what’s most important to see, check out these must-see lists by role — just click the one that most closely matches yours to jump to that section. Also, check out the schedule for our virtual show, Volvo at CONEXPO Live. This CONEXPO, you don’t have to miss a thing!



Your work days can be long and grueling. We understand how important it is to have productive days, but ones that don’t wear you out over and over. Make plans to see these Top 5 stops in our booth to learn more about machine features and solutions aimed to enhance your operating performance.

  1. New Volvo Excavator Series – It’ll be covered until Tuesday morning’s reveal, so you’ll have to wait for more details until then. But once the drape is off, be sure to see this totally redesigned excavator — the first in our new series.
  2. Electric Equipment Operating Arenas – Compete in our premier electric operating arena and feel the difference between diesel and electric. We’ll have several challenges for you to master.
  3. Volvo Machine Simulators – Stop in our solutions hall and try them out. If a few of you are at the show, add a little more competition to your day.
  4. Operator Meet & Greet – Meet LetsDig18, Dirt Perfect and more social media influencers on Wednesday from 4-5 PM.
  5. Load Assist with Operator Coaching – Stop by our L200H High Lift wheel loader and learn how this in-cab technology can help you improve accuracy.


These days, technology and innovation evolve fast. We appreciate your desire to understand what the next big ideas are and how they’ll help your company solve challenges to stay ahead of the game. Make these Top 5 stops to learn more about the future of construction equipment design, plus forward-thinking solutions aimed to help your company earn more.

  1. LX03 Autonomous Concept Loader & Hydrogen Fuel Cell Hauler – Find out where our industry’s future is headed by seeing machine concepts with futuristic designs.
  2. EC230 Electric Excavator – You may have already seen our compact electric lineup, but get ready to see electric power in a mid-size excavator.
  3. Fully Electric FIA World Rallycross Car – See the car and meet the drivers to discover what it’s like to race on hair-raising tracks with electric.
  4. Charging Solutions & Battery Circularity – The use of batteries means we have to be responsible with how they’re repurposed, rebuilt and recycled. Learn how we plan to responsibly charge your machines.
  5. Solutions Hall – Talk to our experts about boosting your productivity with all-new customized services aimed to help you be ready for our ever-changing industry.


In this business, going it alone isn’t an option. We understand how important your dealer relationships are to keep machines up and running their best every day. Visit these Top 5 stops to learn more about machine features and solutions that boost productivity, plus ways to enhance your dealer partnership to get more out of your machines.

  1. Dig Assist with Co-Pilot 2.0 – See how we help improve your operators’ accuracy to reduce rework and lower your operating costs with our excavator machine control system.
  2. New Volvo Excavator Series – Stop by and see its unveiling Tuesday morning. Once the drape is off, take a closer look at this totally-redesigned excavator — the first in our new series.
  3. Electric Equipment Operating Arenas – Test drives are waiting for you and your operators. Take on one of our exciting challenges and experience the quiet, smooth power of electric.
  4. Solutions Hall – Ask about unique Volvo Financial Services offers that can give you more flexibility with your payments to improve cash flow.
  5. EWR130 Wheeled Excavator – Learn why it’s a great alternative to backhoe loaders and more.


Managing a fleet comes with its own challenges. We know how important it is to ensure you have the right machines working in optimized configurations to maximize your profit potential. Stop by these Top 5 booth locations to learn how we’re helping fleet managers like you stay on top of your machines to maximize efficiency and productivity.

  1. EC230 Electric Excavator – See how our first midsize electric excavator can get your toughest jobs done and lower your costs over time.
  2. New Volvo Excavator Series – At our unveiling Tuesday morning, learn how we’ve ramped up productivity and efficiency in this totally-redesigned excavator.
  3. Volvo Solutions Hall – Ask us about optimizing your work sites to lower costs and improve safety.
  4. Upgraded L350H Wheel Loader – Check out the enhancements to our flagship loader. It’s more efficient and productive than ever.
  5. Hauler Made with Fossil-Free Steel – Learn how we’re thinking beyond electric and alternative power and discovering new ways to decarbonize the entire supply-chain.


Your company’s profitability relies on earning your bonuses. We understand that the best asphalt and soil compactors come with the durability, productivity and precision you need to earn them. Visit these Top 5 stops in our booth to learn how we’re helping contractors like you build the high-quality roads we all depend on every day.

  1. New Volvo Excavator Series – Come watch us remove the drape on Tuesday morning, then get a close-up look at this totally-redesigned excavator — the first in our new series.
  2. DD25 Electric Asphalt Compactor – See our first electric compactor up close.
  3. DD128C Asphalt Compactor – Whether you work on thick or ultra-thin lifts, get a personal walkaround of this incredibly versatile machine.
  4. Compact Assist for Asphalt & New Offerings for Soil – Learn how we’ve expanded our Compact Assist offering to help your operators improve their precision.
  5. Upgraded L350H Wheel Loader – Discover just how productive and efficient our flagship loader has become.


We’ll have all of this and a lot more at this year’s CONEXPO. Be sure to check out these tips to make the most of your time at the show, then visit our Volvo at CONEXPO webpage or use the link below to browse daily events and times on our virtual show page to see the full list of our in-booth experiences.

See you in Las Vegas next month!

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