Top Players to Watch at Melty Blood Type Lumina EVO 2023

Top Players to Watch at Melty Blood Type Lumina EVO 2023

Melty Blood Type Lumina returned to the main stage at EVO 2023. The game had an impressive prize pool and kicked things off on Saturday with the first Top 6 of the day. The tournament wasn’t one for major upsets though, with one player dominating through the entire bracket. Moai has demonstrated why he’s the top player in the game right now.

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Moai Dominates Melty blood Type Lumina at EVO 2023

After pools concluded for Melty Blood Type Lumina at EVO 2023, a lot of the major names were positioned in the opening of the winner’s round. Three players stood out here though, moving ahead with clean 2-0 wins. These were ScrawtVermillion, Moai, DAI, but luck for two of these would run out once we got to the Semis. The clean 2-0 wins were repeated here, but now with just Moai and Dai moving forward.

Over in the Losers side of the bracket, it was here that jimmyjtran began to make a comeback. He beat Lunar 2-0 before repeating the same feet against KR_Wrestlingman. Jing put up a bit more of a fight, and eventually, jimmyjtrans went ahead to face Dai. After losing to Moai in the Winners Final, the Japanese player stood between JimmyJTran and an impressive losers’ bracket run EVO 2023. It wasn’t to be though, in a closer match Dai won it out 3-1. Going through to face Moai once again for a rematch in the Grand Finals.

While the Winners Final had been tighter, Moai showed his dominance in Melty Blood Type Lumina at EVO 2023. He took Dai 3-0, in a crazy mirror match that saw both play Roa. We ended up seeing loads of Roa Vs Roa thanks to these two players making the final. In the end, Moai secured his trophy and status as an EVO Winner. Coming into this tournament off a 13-16th finish last year and the same rank at EVO Japan, it’s shown how much the player has grown. He’s clearly the standout player for Melty Blood Type Lumina at EVO 2023.

Melty Blood Type Lumina EVO Preview

EVO 2023 is the biggest event on the competitive calendar for fighting games this year, and Melty Blood Type Lumina has a mainstage event. This is going to be one of our biggest-ever tournaments for the game. Melty Blood Type Lumina at EVO 2023 has a huge prize pool and pretty much all of the best players are showing up to take part.

If you want to know how it’s all going to work, and who the top players are, well break down everything you need to know. With over 500 players attending, this is going to be a huge tournament for one of the biggest anime fighting games. This is how everything works.

Melty Blood EVO 2023

Source: EVO

Melty Blood Type Lumina EVO 2023

Melty Blood Type Lumina  is one of the biggest tournaments we’ve seen for the series to date. It’s going to have a $30,520 prize pool on offer. That puts it in line with other major events at the tournament like Guilty Gear Strive at EVO 2023. Fittingly for the increased prize pool, there are 552 players coming to the tournament, with loads of the top names attending.

The event will start off as a general pools round before we narrow things down the best players for the bracket. The main event will be the Top 6 bracket, which is played in double elimination until we find the best Type Lumina player for this year.

Who exactly are the competitors though? Out of those 500 players, which are the names worth watching?

Top Players to Watch at Melty Blood Type Lumina EVO 2023


Melty Blood EVO 2023

Source: @CEOGaming

ScrawtVermillion is definitely one of the top contenders for the top spot this year. He’s coming in with great momentum behind him. The player has recently won both CEO 2023 and Combo Breaker, back-to-back. Even last year he managed to come in 4th at EVO 2022 for the game. It looks like this could be the year he breaks through to first at EVO itself too.


Melty Blood EVO 2023

Source: EVO

Jing is a former EVO Champion, returning to defend his title in 2023. After winning last year he’s definitely one of the main players to keep an eye on this time. Jing might be the player to beat for a lot of others turning up to EVO 2023, but he might have it in him to go all the way two years in a row.


Melty Blood EVO 2023

Source: CEOTaku

Masoma is one of the biggest players in Melty Blood. He’s reached the Grand Finals in the past playing Melty Blood Type Lumina. After coming in second last year, he’s been on a strong run since. After that result at EVO, he took 1st at East Coast Throwdown, CEOTaku, and most recently Texas Showdown. He looks set to be a big part of Melty Blood at EVO 2023.


Melty Blood EVO 2023

Source: EVO

Kiri is another player who achieved big things at last year’s EVO Melty Blood event, if they can follow up this year, they could rise even higher in the rankings. Last time, they managed third. Since then, they’ve had a few good results at tournaments like Crossover Arc 2023. The Melty Blood Type Lumina EVO 2023 event could be their chance to grasp a title even higher this year.

Those are some of the best players showing up for this tournament. It’s going to be a real highlight of the year for Melty Blood. If you want to follow along, you can catch all the action on the official EVO stream over August 4-6.

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