Top Players and Narratives at Dragon Ball FighterZ EVO 2023

Top Players and Narratives at Dragon Ball FighterZ EVO 2023

FighterZ at EVO was a real highlight of the Saturday for the tournament. We might still be waiting to see who claims victory in Guilty Gear, but one of Arc System Games has had its biggest western tournament conclude. It was a fun bracket, with some unexpected results. Nitro has taken the top spot, putting an end to an impressive run up the losers from Yasha.


Hikari Wins FighterZ at EVO 2023

Hikari started things out in the Winners Bracket with a simple 2-1 win from Kite. He similarly took Nitro 3-2 in the winners final, and secured his spot at the Grand Finals. Unlike 2022 which saw a champion rise up the losers, Hikari has had a strong performance the whole way up the Top 6.

In the Losers bracketYasha started out in round 1, facing a gauntlet of enemies before making it through. He started off against Kjpixel, which he took with a strong 2-0 win. He repeated this next round against Garlic Bread, and again against Gropis in the next round. Even in the Losers Final, facing Nitro he managed to come out 3-0.

Unfortunately, Yasha’s impressive run wasn’t to be. Hikari met him in the final and conclusively won 3-2 without the need for a full reset. While it’s always fun to see a rise up the Losers Bracket, Hikari has demonstrated he’s the strongest player in the game this year.

FighterZ EVO 2023 Winner

Source: EVO

The player has secured a lot of points for the FighterZ with this win along with a lion’s share of the prize pool for EVO. There were plenty of strong players across the bracket, with Nitro and Yasha too being standouts. However, Hikari is definitely the dominant force in FighterZ right now.

FighterZ EVO 2023 Preview

EVO 2023 is going to be one of the biggest events for the series yet. It’s the second year back to offline tournaments and with the blockbuster SF 6 at EVO bringing sign-ups to crazy levels, there’s hype beyond anything we’ve seen for EVO so far! Some of the older games on the line-up are still pulling in plenty of attention though, including Dragon Ball FighterZ at EVO 2023.

FighterZ is returning to EVO for yet another major tournament this year. Some of the top players are attending, the prize pool is one of the best for 2023 so far, and there are tons of sign-ups. On top of that, it’s part of the larger FighterZ World Tour 2023. This is how the Dragon Ball FighterZ EVO 2023 tournament will work and the key players you need to watch for in the final bracket.

FighterZ EVO 2023

Dragon Ball FighterZ EVO 2023

The latest tournament for Dragon Ball FighterZ at EVO 2023 is going to be one of the biggest so far. Sign-ups for the event are just shy of 1,000. There are 838 players registered in total. Not quite enough to eclipse games like Guilty Gear Strive at EVO, but definitely on the bigger side compared to some others here.

The tournament has a prize pool of $33,380. It’s also part of the World Tour though, so players will get to progress in the international finals if they manage to take a win at EVO. The format for it should be pretty familiar. We start in pools before the best players work their way over to the final bracket. That’s played in double-elimination with the top six being the main feature on the bracket.

If you want to follow along with the action, the highlights are all going to be on the official EVO stream too along with the full final bracket.

Top Players at Dragon Ball FighterZ EVO 2023

The new event for FighterZ at EVO 2023 is boasting one of the best line-ups of players we’ve ever seen for the game. These are some of the top competitors it’s worth zooming in on throughout EVO though.


FighterZ EVO 2023

Source: @Zane_FGC

Zane is a player with decent results across quite a few of the biggest anime fighting games. He’s particularly strong in FighterZ though. Zane has managed some great results in the lead-up to EVO. He took 1st at CEO 2023, 2nd at Combo Breaker, and 5-6th at the recent World Tour 2023 Finals. He’s definitely a strong contender at this event.


FighterZ EVO 2023

Source: @NitroNY_

While he doesn’t quite make the list for Guilty Gear Strive, Nitro is definitely one of the bigger names competing at Fighterz EVO 2023. He’s coming in fresh off a win at Combo Breaker 2023. Before this though, he took 1st at Frosty Faultings XV, Defend the North and CEOTaku in 2022. He just missed out on victory at EVO 2022 too. This year looks like it might be the one where he goes all the way though.


FighterZ EVO 2023

Source: @tvfgc

One of the players to watch for the season as a whole is Fenritti. He’s 2022-23’s FighterZ World Tour Champion. Heading into EVO, he’s got this title as the best player right now to defend. He’s definitely one of the best players showing up and it’ll be interesting to watch if EVO 2023 can set him up for a repeat run at the World Tour title.



Source: Gail Fisher

SonicFox is obviously competing in tons of games this EVO, including trying his hand at SF 6. However, he’ll be taking part in the FighterZ event too. As a past Champion, it’s always good to keep an eye on SonicFox as he could well repeat some of his record-breaking feats and cross-game wins in 2023.


FighterZ EVO 2023

Source: @LegendaryyPred

Legendaryypredd is one of the players who could go all the way at FighterZ EVO 2023. He’s recently taken 2nd at Defend the North, 3rd at CEO 2023, and came 5-6th at last year’s EVO.

Those are some of the top players to watch at FighterZ EVO 2023. With so many players signed up though there’s always room for surprises. Make sure you check out the official stream to see who comes out on top for this event.

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