Top 5 Most Disrespectful Clapbacks In Rap History

Disrespectful Clapbacks

Diss tracks in hip-hop have existed for decades and various incidents have caused rappers to make them. In many cases, rappers have dropped a diss toward a rapper that fans might label as disrespectful.

Here are five of the most disrespectful clapbacks of all time:


Tupac Shakur: Hit Em Up (1996)

The late rap icon released his legendary diss track “Hit Em Up” in 1996, dissing The Notorious B.I.G., Diddy, and Bad Boy Records. This track was a response to the 1995 Biggie track, “Who Shot Ya,” which reportedly was not directed at Tupac.

The song’s start was disrespectful towards Biggie, with Tupac rapping, “First f*ck your b*tch and the clique you claim,” referring to R&B singer Faith Evans, Biggie’s wife at the time.

Nas: Ether (2001)

The Queens rap legend was in a bitter feud with Brooklyn rap great Jay-Z in the early 2000s and released “Ether” on his 2001 album, Stillmatic. The response was to Jay-Z’s “The Takeover.” Nas joked about his feud with Jay-Z on his latest album, Kings Disease 3.

Ice Cube: No Vaseline (1990)

West Coast rap legend Ice Cube left the rap group N.W.A. because he felt he was cheated out of royalties by former group manager Jerry Heller. Ice Cube went the group, dropped “No Vaseline,”  and rapped the lines of, “lookin’ like straight Bozos, I saw it comin’ that’s why I went solo.”

Pusha T: The Story Of Adidon (2018)

Virginia rapper Pusha T and rap superstar Drake were beefing between 2017-2018. Drizzy dissed the Cruel Summer artist with “Duppy Freestyle,” and Pusha T responded with “The Story of Adidon,” in which he reveals Drake is a father.

In the song, Pusha T raps, “You are hiding a child, let that boy come home.” Pusha T implied that he believes Drake got him banned from Canada earlier this year.

Drake: Back-To-Back (2015)

Drake feuded with Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill and dropped “Back-To-Back” in 2015. Part of the feud stemmed from the Toronto-bred rapper mentioning Meek Mill’s girlfriend at the time, Nicki Minaj.

In one of the lines, Drake rapped, “Is that a world tour or your girl’s tour?” believing that Nicki was “wearing the pants” in the relationship. The diss track even earned a Grammy nomination.


Nicki Minaj: No Fraud

Rap boss lady Nicki Minaj’s diss track, “No Frauds,” is different from most because the song did not name the rapper she was dissing, allegedly New York rapper Remy Ma. In 2017, Remy remixed Nas’ “Ether” and dissed Nicki with “SHE-ther.”

Nicki also had frequent collaborators Drake and Lil Wayne on the song. In the track, Nicki rapped, “Sheneneh, you out committing perjury, I got before and after pictures of your surgery.”

Nicki was referring to Remy Ma’s alleged plastic surgery and her incarceration for assault and illegal gun possession.

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