Top 5 Best Ways to Counter Viper in Valorant

Top 5 Best Ways to Counter Viper in Valorant

Viper, is considered one of the most difficult Valorant Agents to overcome. She is a Controller class agent who specializes in deploying toxic gas-emitting gadgets and abilities.

Viper throws utility that creates pools of acid, canisters that form a cloud of poisonous gas and can deploy a wall of toxic gas that blocks off areas. Her ultimate ability, the Viper’s Pit, creates a large chemical cloud that blocks enemies’ vision but shows all enemies inside it to the Viper.

One must be adaptable and adjust their tactics to overcome her.

Playing ranked some times feels like sitting in a perpetual Viper ultimate


Best ways to Counter Viper in Valorant

1. Find ways to locate Viper from a distance

Viper will often hide inside her Pit, behind her walls or inside her orb. By using any scouting or tagging utility, one can locate her inside or behind her utility . This can help you avoid entering her toxic gas fields. Once found, Viper can be taken out from a distance. Kayo, Sova and Fade would excel at this task.

2. Use Long-Range Abilities

Viper’s abilities are all short to medium-range. Using Agents with long-range abilities can help take her out from a safe distance. Raze and Sova are particularly effective against Viper. Raze can use both her nades and Blast Packs to push Viper out of her zone. If worst comes to worst, Showstopper can be used to annihilate everyone in the pit. Sova’s Owl Drone and Recon Dart, can help locate Viper and avoid her toxic gas. His Shock Bolt can also deal significant damage to Viper if it hits her.

3. Be faster

Viper excels in controlled duels with orb placements to hold angles and walls to cover her out of sight. Using her own timings against her push between utility cycles or straight up get into her comfort zone before she has a chance to set up.

4. Tight Angles

Combine the use of long-range weapons with tight angles to safely take out Viper. Most players corner themselves in spaces and try to get specific angles when playing Viper. Once you figure how a player sets up, use them to your advantage to either corner her off entirely or use the tight angles to your advantage.

5. Use Agents Creatively

A talented Viper player may juke and play well against all of the steps above. If you really want to test a Viper, make him want to stop playing the game by practicing the likes of Yoru and Omen and getting into her face until the player loses all will to live or play Valorant.

Remember, keeping an eye on the Viper’s fuel bar is important. Her abilities use up fuel when she deploys them, and it requires time for her fuel bar to replenish. Therefore, the best time to strike is when the Viper is low on fuel.

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