Top 3 URF Duo Lanes – Ultra Rapid Fire is back in LoL Patch 11.19

URF Duo Lanes

Ultra Rapid Fire (URF) returns as part of the Worlds 2022 experience starting on October 6th, 2022. The fan-favourite rotating game mode has finally returned with the release of the League of Legends Worlds Patch 12.18. Not only is playing URF fun, but the quick duration of games also makes it easy to earn your tokens from the 2022 Worlds Pass.

What is different about URF this year?

URF is a special game made based in Summoner’s Fift, where all players receive the Awesome Buff of Awesomely Awesome. Some perks of this buff include; 100% mana cost reduction, 300 ability haste and increased attack speed. For even more action, the cannon allow players to teleport to their half of the map and get into fights faster, while all minions grant 40% more gold compared to Summoner’s Rift.

Unlike previous renditions of URF, Riot has opted to balance champions closer to their real win rate in Summoner’s Rift instead of a flat 50%. Riot will balance these champions through a combination of stat and mechanical ability changes.

Who can I play?

Riot has currently re-released the original URF instead of ARURF, meaning you get to choose your champion. Each player will gain the ability to ban one champion during champion select, leading to a total of 10 bans. Aside from champions banned during champ select, all champions are available for play in URF. While champions are generally balanced in the normals summoners rift, the URF buff completely changes the strength dynamic of various champions. The fast paced game mode also increases the importance of good synergy, with a strong duo lane being able to easily carry any URF game.

Like the last URF release, we will get the ability to choose our champions, almost a completely different experience compared to ARURF, where champions are randomized. While your favorite champions may still be target banned for the majority of games, it still allows you to select from a pool of your best or most enjoyable champions all the time! Better yet, unlike ARURF last time, a game’s win does not simply rely on RNG in champ select. Additionally, several URF missions this year are tied directly into the Worlds 2022 missions & quests. Imagine that, you get to play URF and you earn your rewards.

Now, what are the best URF Duo Combos?

Top 3 + 8 Duo Lanes to play in URF

Making a Top 3 list in URF is hard, especially once you see the vast combination of opponents duos you can match up with. To that end, we have our top three picks, paired with another seven potential combinations you can utilize to dominate the rift.

Senna + Miss Fortune

While most of usual picks remain from last year, a new extremely opressive duo is Senna + Miss Fortune. In order for this pick to work Senna uses Press the Attack and builds Kraken, BOTRK and Rageblade, paired with a Bloodthirster to reset her autos and cap over 2.5 attack speed. Q + W spam makes her an effective soul collecting spam bot. Miss Fortune is opressive by resetting her autos with  Q and can go for a 4-lifesteal build with Eclipse, Bloodthirster, Ravenous Hydra and BOTRK. Paired together both of the champions have insane sustain and can practically duel any champion in the game as long as they are not hard cc-ed. Even so if one gets bursted the other excels.

Yone + Morgana

Yone has ultra strong damage, combined with his ability to constantly engage in URF, Yone is a high risk and high reward champion. Pairing with Morgana and her black shield, Yone can engage safely without the risk of being crowd controlled. Morgana’s combo with soul shackles and Zhonya’s Hourglass also forces enemies to choose between getting stunned, or getting isolated from the rest of their team while Yone targets the strays. The strength and synergy between Yone and Morgana allows this duo to dominate both the lane phase and late game.To maximise the strength of this duo, Yone would ideally build two life steal items, some health and the usual crit + attack speed items. Morgana should aim to build full ability power + zhonyas, as this would grant Yone a greater magic shield and further dissuade enemies to engaging on them.

Ezreal + Trundle

Ezreal is without a doubt, one of the most annoying champions to play against due to his low cool down abilities which allow him to constantly poke enemies and arcane shift for movement. This makes Ezreal a high priority target for enemies. Paired with Trundle, it forces enemies to walk into Trundle, arguably, the strongest 1 on 1 melee champion in URF due to his high consistent damage and de-buffs. This duo also attracts a large amount of pressure as they can quickly take down towers and break into the enemy base.

Both champions will look to build Divine Sunderer as they can easily trigger its passive with frequent Qs. Ezreal will look to build high attack damage focused items, avoiding those with high attack speed as Ezreal’s primary source of damage is from his abilities. Trundle on the other hand, will look to build a combination of health, attack speed and on-hit damage items, ensuring he can peel for Ezreal while remaining a threat.

Fizz + Qiyana

This duo is possibly the most slippery pair in the whole game. Fizz + Qiyana is strong throughout all points of the game due to their high burst, gap closes, and ability to constant dish out enemies while avoiding damage. Both Fizz and Qiyana have abilities which deal area of effect damage, and with good co-ordination, are a huge threat in the enemy jungle that can wipe entire careless teams. The pair should aim to maximize ability haste when building, increasing their survivability and subsequently overall damage.

When played by proficient players, this URF duo lane is one of the most match breaking combinations out there.

Twitch + Lulu

Twitch is one of the most powerful champions in the game. While Twitch is not a caster, what really makes him strong is his near permanent invisibility, and the critical hit and attack speed from the URF buff. This allows Twitch to not get permanently jumped throughout the game unlike other ADC, allowing him to almost always get the first few hits before enemies can react. The only downside of Twitch, like many other ADC’s, is his survivability. Lulu makes up for this, hard crowd control with her polymorph, a massive shield from her E, and a giant health boost from her ultimate. Twitch + Lulu is a perfect 2 v 5 urf duo that will wipe enemies in seconds.

The only way to build Twitch is Gale force, two Infinity Edges, Hurricane, Berserker greaves (boots) and a Death Dance for the rat. Lulu should build a combination of support, and AP / Health items to ensure more shields get dished out.

Shaco + Nautilus

This lane is extremely strong due to being able to constantly CC lock opponents, while having extremely high AP burst damage. The only clear downside to the lane is a lack of long range poke, instead, relying on one time all ins.

There are two main ways to play the lane. First, as Shaco, set up boxes, waiting for enemies to run into them and get feared, before being CC locked by Naut and followed up by another Box. Secondly, you may opt for a forceful engage would involve Shaco going out of vision, using Q to go invisible (heading towards the enemy), while Naut forcefully flash engages on the enemy, relying on his snares, pulls and knock ups to buy enough time for Shaco to arrive, place a box, and trigger fear.

Xayah + Yuumi

This lane heavily relies on late game scaling given it’s weak laning phase being prone to all ins and ganks. However, when Xayah reaches 3 items, she pumps out an immense amount of damage, all the while having her ult as disengage. Yuumi will then be responsible for not only supporting Xayah with heals, and slowing enemies, but getting out of Xayah and absorbing enemy skill shots / CC. This will allow Xayah to deal damage without getting CC locked late game and enabling her to wipe out the enemy.

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Apart from our “Top 6”, there is a plethora of combinations you can use to great success depending on the enemy team composition. We are going to list only four out a potential pool of approximately 50 viable duo lane combinations we could think of.

Zed + Jax

On the additional combos front, we got a very solid combination of two extremely strong champions in URF. Zed had both good poke and all in potential at all points of the game. Given Zed’s high poke potential, it enables Jax to smoothly scale into the mid-late games. Jax with his natural tankiness, high constant damage, and AoE CC acts as a major deterrent from any possible ganks or all ins.

Aphelios + Lee Sin

This is one of the more odd, yet strong best urf duo out there. Aphelios has high damage output, while also being able to stand his ground, and dish damage from far away. His AoE makes him an extremely solid urf pick, however, he lacks escapes and survivability. Lee Sin building an AP support style completely changes him, with his frequent massive shields and ability to dash onto Aphelious to soak up damage.

Aphelious should build normally, with AD, attack speed and crit. However, be sure not to go over the attack speed cap, given the URF buff. For this urf duo to work, Lee Sin must max shield (W) first, and build ardent censer, along with a few AP, support / hp items to sustain alongside Aphelios for infinite shields.

Blitzcrank + Thresh

We cannot pass up this iconic combo when covering some of the best URF duo lanes out there. Blitz + Thresh is absolute hook city, where decent coordination can see an opponent get infinitely CC’d and pulled to anywhere in the map. There are two prime ways to play this urf duo.

Way one, Blitz builds full AP + magic pen, while Thresh builds AD crit. This surprising combination will see many enemies get two shot, and is a great way to build if you love cheesing your opponents.

Way two, it’s simple, build full tank. This will allow the urf duo to maximise their survivability and to chain CC lock their opponents down for longer.

Gragas + Malphite

While it will struggle to get through lane a little, once you hit level 6, it is all over for the enemies. The engage this urf duo has is absolutely insane, combined with their AoE and massive AP scaling, it allows you to easily one shot enemies.

As expected, build full AP on this combo, and get a Hextech Protobelt to pop any annoying Banshee’s Veil or Edge of Night’s out there. To increase the effectiveness of this insane urf combo, you have to buy sweepers to clear out vision so you can take them by surprise.

When will URF end this time?

Ultra Rapid Fire is likely set to end in the November patch. While a date hasn’t been set thus far, we assume the event will end with the end of Worlds 2022. However, Riot may choose to extend it once again like they did last time! Take advantage while URF is here for the time being, as we never know when it’s back. Gather friends, and try some of our best urf duos picks out there!

Why is URF released so rarely?

Riot has previously stated, while they do understand players do love the URF game mode and that playtime does increase when released, data has shown players tend to burn out. This has led Riot to restrict its release for special occasions such as the upcoming 2022 League of Legends World Championships. This release of URF will almost certainly be your last chance to play the game mode in 2022.

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