Top 25 best Roblox anime games

Roblox anime games

Top 25 best Roblox anime games

When it comes to Roblox, it is simply impossible not to mention its unique ability to create and build worlds where almost anything is possible. Do you want to feel like a racer or play a racing simulator? Roblox has Speed Run 4 to offer. Want a platformer? Then go for Tower of Hell. Or maybe you want to try to become a parent? Adopt Me! with a huge amount of pets is your choice.

Of course, the game has a lot to offer for anime fans too. Want to know more about the best anime games in Roblox? Then you just need to read this article! Below, we will tell you about the top best Roblox anime games.



  • All-star Tower Defence
  • Anime Battle Arena
  • Anime Cross 2
  • Anime Fighting Simulator
  • Anime Tycoon
  • AoT: Freedom Awaits
  • Attack on Titan: Downfall
  • Demon Slayer RPG 2
  • Dragon Blox Ultimate
  • Grand Piece Online
  • Guess the Anime
  • Hero Academy Tempest
  • Heroes Online
  • Hunter X Hunter
  • Mother: The Promised Neverland
  • My Hero Mania
  • Omega Tower Defence Simulator
  • Project Clover 2
  • Psycho Infinity
  • Ro-Ghoul
  • Shindo Life
  • Super Saiyan Simulator 2
  • Tokyo Revengers
  • Troublesome Battlegrounds 2
  • Your Bizarre Adventure

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We are starting our list of best Roblox anime games with a title where you have to defend your towers against waves of enemies that only get stronger over time. A key feature of the project is the opportunity to take control of iconic anime characters, from the classic One Piece to the popular Demon Slayer.

We have created a tier list for All Star Tower Defence, but there are also ASTD codes to make your experience more enjoyable, so feel free to use both.



Anime Battle Arena (ABA) is a PVP game with a variety of characters from famous anime titles such as Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, Hunter X Hunter, and others to choose from. Each character has unique alternate skins and powerful abilities.

It’s so good that we had to create an ABA tier list, and we are still updating it regularly.



This game with huge possibilities focuses on confrontations between different famous characters from the anime world, with different narratives and franchises in the same space.

You will see Goku and Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z in a rough battle against Naruto or Saitama from One Punch Man, Natsu Dragneel from Fairy Tail, and Izuku Midoriya from My Hero Academia among many others.

Although the characters are a much more sketchy and simplified version of the originals, the idea of the game is still very appealing to many young users. It presents a huge world in which you can choose the conditions of each battle and contribute to the community.



Anime Fighting Simulator requires you to power up your hero by performing various actions: running, defence training, meditation, and sword training. In addition to the standard enemies and other users, you will also encounter bosses in the game. They must be fought to unlock various upgrades and new weapons. For example, some sword skills are only unlocked after defeating tough enemies.

You’ll always be missing Chikara (official currency in the game), and to help prevent that, we have Anime Fighting Simulator codes that you can freely use.



Anime Tycoon is a fighting game developed by TheGreatDevelopers in 2018. Build a base for Naruto and other famous characters and fight opponents from all corners of the world. Anime Tycoon is one of the few simulators with a unique currency. It is possible to buy a new character at the start of the game. During the playthrough, your character gets stronger. You can upgrade your character in a number of ways, but the main one is by building as in the classic tycoon genre in Roblox.



This is an anime action game based on Attack on Titan. Thanks to the ability to manoeuvre quickly and the cool combat mechanics, Attack of the Titans fans hungry for speedy gameplay will be satisfied with this game. There are also references to the best moments in the franchise.

This project is a little harder to get the hang of than the others, but it’s well worth it. The quality map is full of open spaces, and the Titans are done much better than in other similar games such as Downfall.



Yes, Attack on Titan: Downfall is a great game with a great story included in the series. Like in the anime, you and the rest of the online players are tasked with defending the city from big and ferocious titans to earn experience and improve weapons.



If you have seen the anime Demon Slayer, this mode will be painfully familiar to you. This is because the Roblox anime Demon Slayer RPG 2 is made according to the canons of this animated series. Here, you will not only fight but also develop a storyline. The map in the mode is huge. You can explore, find items and friends, and generally do anything else you can think of. You can also farm here, and this is not as straightforward as in other RPGs. The big number of levels shows that you can level up as long as you want. As with the rest of the big titles, we have codes for Demon Slayer RPG 2 as well.



It would not be an anime list without mentioning Dragon Ball. Dragon Blox Ultimate is a typical Dragon Ball Z and Roblox crossover. Choose sides between good or evil and train with your own customised character to learn new skills to use in battle. Fight opponents who are NPCs or other online players. Build up your experience and train in defence to become a better warrior.



Thirsty for adventure? Love the pirate theme? Then Grand Piece Online is perfect for you. Discover hidden islands in the ocean and collect treasure. Fight bosses, form your own pirate gang, and conquer the oceans. Your path is your own. If you’re aware of how popular the anime is, you’ll know why this title was included in this list of best Roblox anime games.

Although there haven’t been a lot of active Grand Piece Online codes, it’s still worth checking every now and then as developers can surprise us at any moment.



Do you consider yourself an anime geek who has watched a lot of anime? Do you think you know all the anime titles by heart? Challenge yourself with Guess The Anime! In this mode, you and the other players will be shown anime titles on the screen, and you have to name them faster than the others.



The game Hero Academy Tempest is based on the anime My Hero Academia. In the game, you are born with a special power known as a quirk, and you amplify your quirk. Become the number one hero or become a terrifying villain – it’s up to you. Explore the map, fight bosses, collect useful items, gain quirks, and more.



This Roblox game is one of the most popular and highly demanded fighting games on the platform. This game is based on the famous anime My Hero Academia. Fighting is not the only thing you do – you can also do side quests that will help you earn more points, defeat bosses, gain more power, etc.

The developer decided not to release codes for Heroes Online too often, but we are still on the lookout for them. You can bookmark this page and we will update it as soon as something new drops.



This is a good representative of the RPG genre based on the cult anime HUNTER X HUNTER. In the game, you have to evolve and fight with other players against enemies. You can play as the main character, Gon, or you can try to play as other characters such as Killua, Hisoka, and others.



This game is based on the Japanese anime and manga Promised Neverland. As in the original, you must escape from Mama (Isabella) from the orphanage as children so that you will not be handed over to be eaten by monsters. Run and hide before Mama finds you.



As you might have guessed from the title, it’s one of the Roblox anime games that are also based on the anime and manga My Hero Academia. The core gameplay is based on farming stuff by fighting other players. These fights can last a long time, or they can go fast. The main thing is to hit all the buttons and pay attention to your hit points; otherwise, you might just lose all the time.

Developers of the game are really active, releasing new codes for My Hero Mania every now and then. Of course, we are covering each one, so you can easily follow that page and get new info as soon as it gets out.



Choose your favourite anime hero to guard and defend your tower in Roblox Omega Tower Defence Simulator. Hordes of the most powerful anime villains from all over the anime universe are coming for you and your towers. Assemble a lineup of the mightiest heroes to stop them in their tracks.



Want to dive into the world of the anime Black Clover? Or do you just want to feel like you’re in Asta’s shoes? Then the new Project Clover 2 RPG game will do just that. Fight shoulder to shoulder against your enemies to become stronger.



Upgrading, item farming, and fighting are very familiar to players who were once kings in Mob Infinity. This one is prettier and more complex, but still fits the category: cool anime fighting game.



Ro-Ghoul is another game dedicated to the anime Tokyo Ghoul. Initially, on this map, the player has to choose which team he will have to go with for the whole gameplay: the ghoul or the ghoul hunters. The Ro-Ghoul game will catch on with fans of the iconic anime. You can accomplish the storyline either with friends or on your own. There is only one active code for Ro Ghoul at the moment, and you can get it if you hurry!



This is one of the Roblox anime games that allow players to travel and fight side-by-side with their companions. With a wide range of skills and upgrade paths, Shindo Life is a more complete Roblox project than others. The game is rich in colour and the graphics look good. We have even ranked every Bloodline from best to worst through the Shindo Life tier list.

The map is well filled – you can find lots of items here and there, and you can also fly and run all over it. This feature makes travelling in Shindo Life exciting, and the combat is varied enough not to be boring. If you’re desperately looking for some Shindo Life codes that you can use in the game to claim some free spins and other rewards, PG has got you covered, as always.



Super Saiyan Simulator 2 is a game in which you are given a character with unique abilities, and you need to upgrade them in every way possible. In order to upgrade your character’s abilities, you will have to fight against real players who are powerful in their own way.



Here’s a game that puts you in the shoes of the protagonist of the anime Tokyo Revengers, Hanagaki Takemichi. Want to create your gang? Easy. Want to be the strongest gang in the whole world? Then the game Tokyo Revengers is perfect for you. Get ready for street fights and wall-to-wall battles.



Troublesome Battlegrounds 2 is a game for Roblox based on the popular anime and manga series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. In this game, you can play as your favourite JoJo characters and even as some villains.



Your Bizarre Adventure is a popular anime game in Roblox. The game features many characters from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and other anime – a must-play for fans of Japanese animation. There are lots of easter eggs and references, plus large-scale anime battles. You can use YBA codes to claim some free gifts if you’re interested.


So that was the top 25 best Roblox anime games. We hope you found something interesting for yourself. It’s impossible not to find something you might like among this long list. Go and test these amazing games and make sure to check our list of best-looking Roblox games as well!

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