Top 20 Premier League assist-makers of all time from Alan Shearer and Cesc Fabregas to Christian Eriksen

Premier League

These 20 players are statistically the best creators in the 30-year history of the Premier League.

Top 20 Players with the most Premier League assists

Goals are the most important part of football and the scorers get the much-deserved appreciation for the act of putting the ball in the back of the net.

But the creators of the goals do not seem to get the same level of plaudit which is the point of this piece, an ode to the greatest creators; here are the top 20 assist kings in Premier League history.


Peruvian midfielder Nolberto Solano notched 62 assists for Newcastle, Aston Villa and West Ham in 302 games until he retired in July 2012.

English forward Matt Le Tissier was more recognised for his goalscoring for Southampton but he also racked up 63 assists in 270 Premier League games.

Revered as the greatest goalscoring in the competition’s history, Alan Shearer also created a good number with 64 assists in 441 games for Southampton, Blackburn and Newcastle.

English midfielder Gareth Barry holds the distinction of having played more Premier League games than anyone else with 653 appearances, producing 64 assists in return for Aston Villa, Manchester City, Everton and West Brom.

One of just four active Premier League players on this list, Danish midfielder Christian Eriksen has notched 66 assists in 237 games for Tottenham and Brentford and may well add to that tally having only just joined Manchester United as a 30-year-old.

English flying winger Darren Anderton was a model example of a classic wide man, notching 68 assists in his storied career with Tottenham and then one more season with Birmingham.

Englishman Ashley Young started his Premier League career as a flying winger for Watford but now plays as a full-back for Aston Villa in his second spell at the club either side of a nine-year spell with Manchester United.

He has so far recorded 71 assists in 393 Premier League games for all of those teams and the 37-year-old may yet improve that tally heading into the 2022/23 season as club captain for Aston Villa.

English striker Andy Cole played 415 Premier League games for Newcastle, Manchester United and Blackburn and assisted 73 goals despite being prolific himself.

Speaking of prolific, they’re not many better than French striker Thierry Henry who played 258 Premier League games for Arsenal and had 74 assists to complement his 175-goal haul for Arsenal.

In continuation of the strikers putting up high assists numbers, English centre forward Teddy Sheringham played 418 Premier League games for Nottingham Forest, Tottenham, Manchester United, Portsmouth and West Ham combined ending his career with 76 assists.

Iconic English midfielder David Beckham played 263 Premier League games all for Manchester United and recorded 80 assists.

Famed for his incredible work rate, durability and utility, 36-year-old James Milner is on course to add to his 86 Premier League assists which he amassed in 587 games for Leeds United, Newcastle, Aston Villa, Manchester City and now Liverpool where he still plays.

The last of the active Premier League players on the list, Kevin De Bruyne has recorded 86 assists in 210 appearances for Manchester City and Chelsea for whom he only played three games.

It is almost certain that the 31-year-old will increase that tally as he prepares for yet another successful Premier League season with Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City.

A Premier League and Liverpool legend through and through, English midfielder Steven Gerrard 92 goals in 503 games for the Reds.

Spanish maestro David Silva played 309 Premier League games in 10 seasons at Manchester City and returned 93 assists.

And although the 36-year-old is still active, he most likely will not get a chance to increase that tall as he now plays for Real Sociedad.

Legendary Dutch forward, Dennis Bergkamp played 315 Premier League games in 11 seasons at Arsenal, assisting 94 goals.

Into triple-figure territory now, English midfielder Frank Lampard was as productive as they came, with 102 assists in 610 games for Chelsea and Manchester City.

English forward Wayne Rooney was famed for his incredible versatility and productivity which saw him notch 103 Premier League assists in 424 games for Manchester United and Everton.

Spanish midfielder Cesc Fabregas recorded 111 Premier League assists in 350 games for Arsenal and Chelsea, carving himself a reputation as one of the finest passers the game has ever seen.

It is however unlikely that he will add to that tally as the 36-year-old only just signed for Como in the Italian second division.

Welsh winger Ryan Giggs is far and away in front with 162 Premier League assists in 632 games for Manchester United.

His record remains untouchable by virtue of the sheer volume of games he played as the creative focal point for the best team in the league for well over two decades.

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