Top 15 most suitable Roblox games for kids

Top 15 most suitable Roblox games for kids

Roblox is a platform that looks to be friendly for the younger generation. Everything uploaded to the Roblox platform is checked via AI to ensure it’s safe for kids to look at and enter. With that said, there are tons of different games being added to the platform each and every week. These different games have different focuses, with many of them being aimed at kids! As there are so many different games to choose from, we hand-selected a bunch of Roblox games that are suitable for kids!

The games on this list aren’t focused on violence and aren’t too challenging. Some of them focus on imagination, a really common thing that kids use to play, while others have adorable aspects like pets to collect and simple yet fun aspects to keep them engaged. All of the games on this list are not only appropriate for children but are also super fun for them to explore and play through. None of them should be super hard, and all of them will be engaging enough for your child to really enjoy. I have also avoided games that require a lot of in-app purchases or have tricky purchases that your child may end up interacting with by mistake.

Let’s get into the most suitable Roblox games for kids.

1. Pet Simulator X!

Pet Simulator X! is a Roblox game about collecting coins and unlocking adorable pets. There are tons of different pets that you can find, and each of your pets will help you dig up coins and boxes to get more money for more pets. You can also use your coins to unlock new areas that have more coins for you to collect. It’s a really simple game, but one that you can end up spending a lot of time in as it’s just fun to collect these coins and work your way through getting more pets to help you out. We also have redeem codes for Pet Simulator X that will turn out useful if you decide to give this one a go.

2. Adopt Me

Adopt Me is one of the most popular role-playing games on the platform where children can pretend to be babies or adults. This type of role-playing is something that younger kids do all the time – pretending to be the adults they see around them or younger versions of themselves. There are also lots of different jobs around the map, allowing them to pretend to be a teacher or a doctor. Adopt Me also features pets, which come out of eggs you must take care of. These pets are really adorable and fun to collect! Our regularly updated list of codes for Adopt Me will be useful for any player, as they usually give you much-needed bucks.

3. Bee Swarm Simulator

Bee Swarm Simulator takes you into beautiful fields full of bees and honey bears! You are able to collect honey from flowers, which you can use to then make honey to unlock more bees and grow your hive. The world in Bee Swarm Simulator is super child-friendly, with tons of big flowers for you to look at and colourful hidden areas. There are giant bugs that appear, but your bees do a great job of taking them down. You can also get quests from giant honey bears who just need your help, and grab tokens that contain various fruit! It’s a cute game, and like the previous two, we have codes for Bee Swarm Simulator as well.

4. Warrior Cats: Ultimate Edition

Warrior Cats: Ultimate Edition is a game based on a tween book series, so it’s a game that is really aimed at children. You do not need to have knowledge of the book series to enjoy the game, however. You can pretend to be a baby cat or an adult cat, running clans and hanging out with others. In the world, there is an adoption process commonly done, where someone will take you under their wing and help you explore the world. It’s a really nice game graphically, and the cats look super realistic.

5. Marble Mania!

Marble Mania! is a massive world, but instead of exploring as a regular human, you are inside a marble. This does make movement slightly tricky, but once you understand the movement, there is just so much to do! You can launch yourself around, end up on roller coasters and play the piano. It’s a colourful and wacky world that’s very fun for children to explore and play around in – and with no real goals, they can earn a lot of different badges and achievements from just exploring. With such an enjoyable world and a different kind of movement, it’s a really fun Roblox game for kids to play.

6. Squishmallows

I feel like every child has some Squishmallows or similar stuffed animals in their house. I know our kids have hundreds of them – but did you know there is an official Squishmallows Roblox game? This game does have a tutorial to teach you how to play. You can collect loads of Squshimallows and combine ones that you have multiples of to make new ones. They are able to follow you around like pets! To gain money, you can fish or trade items. There are also options to take on quests, customize your house, and do fashion shows in-game, which is very cute to see. The pets themselves all have names and descriptions, which are the same as the physical toys.

7. My Hello Kitty Cafe

My Hello Kitty Cafe is a simple Roblox game for kids that’s themed around Hello Kitty, where you can create your own cafe and then roleplay running it! There are some NPCs to interact with to keep the world feeling full, but you and your friends can actually run cafes together, which is very fun. There are a bunch of different items to purchase to decorate your cafe, as well as various food trucks that you can work in. You can serve coffee or desserts to those who are on the server. There is a cute world to explore, complete with sand areas and massive slides. It’s an adorable game that does have teamwork aspects to it.

8 . Miraculous RP

Miraculous RP is another official game that follows the TV Series Miraculous Ladybug and Cat Noir. This game allows roleplay in Paris where you can become loads of characters from the series, even taking on the role of a superhero! There are plenty of mini-games that give more structure to the roleplay experience, as well as two worlds for everyone to explore – Paris and Shanghai (from the Shanghai special). Those who know the show can really find themselves replaying episodes or making up their own endings with friends, which is really fun to do.

9. Royale High

Royale High is another roleplaying game, but this time you can play as sparkling, glittering fairies. There are lots of different locations to explore – campuses, the mall, and various green spaces. You can unlock different outfits, decorate your character, and find different vehicles to travel around in. This world is very vibrant and colourful, looking very much like a magical place that draws younger children in. This game rewards going to class and having the best books for your class, as that will level you up so that you can do more.

10. Twilight Daycare

Twilight Daycare is a game that is clearly being created with children in mind. With items like bubble play areas, minion outfits, and doughnut-themed play parks, it just feels like a game with children’s interests in mind. You can play as a child, toddler, parent or as someone in various roles like doctor or surgeon. Picking your role will then allow you to customize your avatar before exploring the world. It’s a roleplaying game with a lot of different areas to explore, as well as quests that you can take on to give you more direction in the game.

11. Work at a Pizza Place

Work at a Pizza Place is a Roblox simulation game for kids where you can play as various workers in a pizza place. You can make pizzas, take orders, get stock from the warehouse, package items and deliver them. With all of these different roles, you can decide what you want to do and play that role, following the easy-to-understand instructions. Pizza is a very loved food and being someone in a pizza place is quite fun, but if you ever need a break, you can actually find a secret party area to go and dance with all your friends.

12. Escape Super Mega Easy Obby Parkour

Obbys are very popular on the Roblox platform, but are often very challenging for younger people. Escape Super Mega Easy Obby Parkour is, as the title says, an easy version of an obby, which slowly introduces the actual concepts around obby games. It showcases what will destroy you and adds a lot of checkpoints. The world itself is also very colourful, with lots of bright and vibrant colors that are attractive to look at. With that in mind, everything is very simple too, so you can easily see what’s what when it comes to jumping around.

13. Sonic Speed Simulator

Sonic Speed Simulator is another officially licensed game on the Roblox platform, this time around Sonic. The game itself has a huge overworld that has different areas you can purchase pets or upgrades in, as well as gems you can collect. There are also a bunch of races that you can take on, challenging Knuckles and collecting hoverboards that are themed around all of the characters from the movie. You can level up by beating other players at races or collecting lots of gems, and can curl into a ball when you race to go faster – just like Sonic!

14. Slap Battles

Slap Battles may sound violent, but it’s really not a very violent game at all. You are given a massive hand that you then can use to slap various people on the map. They will fly off in a fun-to-watch curve in the sky! There are different islands you can run about to and power-ups that appear in the middle of the battle arena, which are fun to collect. Over time, you can upgrade your hand to be different if you’d like. It’s a simple game, but one that is wacky and fun.

15. Livetopia

Livetopia is another role-playing Roblox kids game with a massive and colorful world. You get to play as an adult, work in various shops, decorate your house and hang out with your friends. There are lots of locations within this futuristic city to explore, plus neon lights that showcase the buildings to make it a pleasing world to walk around. There is a focus on fashion and decorating in this game, but also the freedom to go around and explore whatever you want! Developers are releasing codes for Livetopia a bit rarer than other Roblox developers, but they are still worth checking.

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