Top 15 best two player mobile games

two player mobile games

We have seen many awesome 2-player mobile games and the best thing about them is that you can bring them with you, wherever you go so if you find yourself waiting around with your friend for the bus to come or awkwardly unsure of what to talk about, there is a game to play to keep your mind off things.

When it comes to playing video games, it’s often more fun to share the experience with someone else. Whether you’re both working together or fighting against each other, there is something so fun about being able to share an experience with your friend and spend the time together playing it.

Most of these titles are very simple to play and easy to pick up and learn, as that is what makes a great 2-player game stand out from the crowd. You probably won’t want to explain an entire game to your friend and spend time going over rules in hopes that there is time left to play them! We also made a list of the best mobile multiplayer games in case 2 player games are not the only subgenre you are interested in!

Without further adieu, let’s get into the best mobile 2-player games out there, right now!

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1. Smash Tanks

Available on: iOS

Genre: Card/board game, Multiplayer

Smash Tanks

Smash Tanks is a 1 v 1 AR title where you need to select your area in the real world and watch as the board fills up with buildings, trees, and more. Colourful tanks can be placed, deployed, and used around the map, as you attack each other and work towards using the environment to your advantage. Smash Tanks has such a cute, cartoony aesthetic, and that’s how it earned its spot here.

All the elements that make up this title are simply too good, and for an AR game, it’s easy to say that it was done right. Smash Tanks is one of our favorites, thus landing it the top spot on our 2 player mobile games list!

Download Smash Tanks. (Free)

two player mobile games

2. Duel Otters

Available on: iOS + Android

Genre: Casual

Duel Otters

Duel Otters is another cute entry on this list! It will have you and another player facing off, on the same device, playing various mini-games and quick duels, hoping to score against each other and gain more points. Whether it’s defending a goal or tapping quickly, ite can end up really competitive despite its cute looks.

It’s even better if you are sharing an iPad! The games are super fun on the bigger screen, and we guarantee you lots of laughs and a very good time with your friend in this 1v1 competitive wonder. Of course, if you are the one with the device, you can also dome some solo training before (in the Training or Arcade modes) so you’ll have the upper hand in the mini-games!

Download Duel Otters (Free)



Available on: iOS + Android

Genre: Arcade, Multiplayer

Find out more about DUAL


DUAL is a 2-player real-time shooting mobile game, where you can control your mobile device and shoot at another player in real-time. You and a friend, both playing from their own device in the local co-op mode can use the phones as actual weapons (no, not throwing them at each other but shooting at each other) with cutesy pew-pew lasers and whatnot.

DUAL is a really fun title that plays across screens and it’s definitely something to behold when you are bored in real life and want something exciting to do with a friend. Test it and see for yourself why did it earn a spot on the best 2 player mobile games list!

Download DUAL from Play Store | App Store (Free)


4. Crossy Road

Developer: Hipster Whale

Available on: iOS + Android

Genre: Arcade, Platform

Crossy Road

Though you may have played Crossy Road in single-player, there is actually a split-screen multiplayer mode in this game, where you and a friend can both race forward, avoiding obstacles and getting over logs. Being quick is key, but you’ll need to watch out. If you have had a lot of experience playing Crossy Road, you might have fun destroying your friends at the game.

Crossy Road is super fun and competitive, and if you’re ready to show your friends why did the chicken cross the road, you can simply smack them with your wing and show them how it’s done!

Download Crossy Road fromPlay Store | App Store (Free)


5. Fruit Ninja

Publisher: Halfbrick Studios

Available on: iOS + Android + Mobile + PS Vita + Windows Phone

Genre: Action, Casual

Fruit Ninja

Another classic with a split mode, Fruit Ninja has a two player split-screen mode! With only half the screen, you and your friend will both be slicing fruit and hoping to not let them drop below the screen. You both have three lives in this mode, and it’s just like the regular Fruit Ninja, which means that you will score more points with combos and need to watch for bombs.

It might come as a surprise, but every time you dive into Fruit Ninja (solo or with a friend) it’s as new as ever. We easily rank it as one of our top picks for the best 2 player phone games!

Download Fruit Ninja from Play Store | App Store (Free)


6. Santorini

Available on: iOS + Android

Genre: Card/board game, Strategy


Santorini is a beautiful, digital board game port, where you need to build a tower to the third level and get one of your characters onto it before your opponent does the same. Each pawn is able to move and build every turn, but three-story towers can be claimed by the other player, even if you built it. You will need to think tactically and make sure your moves don’t lead your opponent to victory.

For the longest time board games have been a top 2 player choice of games, but this one does it in such a way that it feels more like an actual PvP title (which, technically, is), rather than a cleverly adapted board game.

Download Santorini from Play Store | App Store (Free)


7. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Developer: Blizzard Entertainment

Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment

Available on: iOS + Android

Genre: Card battler, RPG, Strategy

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Hearthstone is a two player card game that’s extremely popular on PC as well as mobile devices, where you face off against another player with a deck of cards and your hero! These playing cards can be collected and built into decks over time, so having a good base deck can help you destroy your friend if you invest the time into it! These cards can attack and defend each other, but what you are looking to hit, is actually the other player’s hero token.

It’s a fairly complex game, but one that you can really enjoy if done right. The diversity of play and the random elements that make every round different earned it a spot on our list of best 2 player mobile games.

Download Hearthstone from Play Store | App Store (Free)


8. Ready Steady Bang

Available on: iOS

Genre: Casual, Multiplayer

Ready Steady Bang

If you are looking for a quick game to play, Ready Steady Bang is a quick 1 v 1 showdown where you need to wait to hear Bang! before you can tap the screen and shoot. It’s tense, as you both use the same device, right across the screen from each other. You need to be quick, but Ready… Steady… and Bang!

Players have different times between each round, always keeping you guessing as you wait for the titular sound. It’s one of those 2 player phone games that really put to trial the best of friendships! Well, not quite, but it’s a duel after all. So, if your reflexes are quick enough, you might end up winning every single round!

Download Ready Steady Bang (Free)


9. Mucho Party

Developer: GlobZ

Available on: iOS + Android

Genre: Arcade, Multiplayer, Party/mini-games

Mucho Party

Mucho Party is actually a collection of games designed with 2 players in mind. It’s got a bunch of titles that are all as exciting as they are fun. The best part, however, comes in the shape of the game’s skill recognition. If you’re all battle-forged gamers, Mucho Party will update the difficulty of the titles to better fit you.

It’s something that will be the soul of the party, and if you and your friend are looking for a new addition for one of your gaming nights, make sure you add Mucho Party to the list.

Download Mucho Party from Play Store | App Store (Free)


10. Glow Hockey 2

Available on: iOS + Android

Genre: Arcade, Sports

Glow Hockey 2

If you don’t have an air hockey table, but want to play air hockey, Glow Hockey 2 is the one for you. You can grab your puck and start bashing, without having to go out to an arcade or a restaurant, in hopes of scoring against your opponent. Glow Hockey 2 has a cool neon look and it feels very responsive, which is great considering the simplicity.

The game not only looks good though but also feels like it belongs on every friends’ phone. That’s the reason why it’s listed on our best 2 player mobile games.

Download Glow Hockey 2 from Play Store | App Store (Free)


11. Science vs Magic

Available on: iOS

Genre: Multiplayer

Science vs Magic

Science vs Magic tells the story of the age-old question: is Science better than Magic? Well, not quite the age-old question we might expect (is it?) – nonetheless, it’s a game where you and your friend can fight against each one in real-time games by choosing a side. You can both use the same device to play on, which only adds to the fun this title brings.

Some of the mini-games are super competitive, so you might end up straight up making the phone or tablet disappear! Magic? I think it’s just skill (and really fast legs if you’re running away with it). Jokes aside, the mini-games are super fun and you’ll definitely have a blast playing it.

Download Science vs Magic. (Free)


12. Burgle Bros

Available on: iOS + Android

Genre: Card/board game

Burgle Bros

Burgle Bros is a board game style, stealth title perfect for two players, where you and your crew are trying to rob a place! You will need to flip over tiles, looking for dangers and hoping to find the safe, pick the lock and take a look, as well as make it out of the level without being caught by any guards and alarms. It’s a fun competition that feels quite intense too.

While it’s a lot more tactical than many of the titles on this list, Burgle Bros is ideal if both you and your friend are into strategy and board games. Since they’re both combined into one clever creation here, it’s easily a great choice.

Download Burgle Bros from Play Store | App Store (Free)


13. Genshin Impact

Developer: MiHoYo

Publisher: MiHoYo

Available on: iOS + Android + Switch

Genre: 3D, Action, Adventure

Genshin Impact

We are talking about the best co-op mobile games, so it would be unfair to mention the one that burst out like a star in 2020, only continuing its bright path all the way to 2022. We are talking about Genshin Impact, of course. It’s one of the most complex and most beautiful games you can add to your phone and tablet, but more importantly – you can play it with a friend!

To the ones that aren’t familiar with this little wonder, it’s an MMORPG based on both iOS and Android, but also available on platforms other than mobile. For a good headstart, use Genshin Impact code list to claim free Primogems, and more. Then head over to the tier list, so you can pick the right characters. Lastly, take a look at the GI character guides, where we have covered each one that you can pick. Those steps will help you tremendously as a new player!

Download Genshin Impact from Play Store | App Store (Free)


14. Touchdowners

Publisher: Colin Lane

Available on: iOS

Genre: Casual


Touchdowners is a cartoon adaptation of American football for mobile platforms. Local multiplayer, three-button control and lots of fun are waiting for you.

Each Touchdowners round is a short 3v3 match where you control all of your players at the same time. This is done with just three buttons, and therefore a mess always takes place on a field, in which a touchdown can be made only by chance. But trust us, this is very much fun.

Download Touchdowners from Play Store | App Store (Free)


15. Drive Ahead

Available on: iOS + Android

Genre: Multiplayer, Racing

Drive Ahead

In 2015, Drive Ahead was the ultimate simple arcade racing game for local multiplayer on a single device. Controlling your car with just two buttons, you had to turn over your opponent’s car or run him into the cockpit. The limit on the round is only 15 seconds, but after the fifth one, local Armageddon begins to occur on the map.

Today, a huge game has grown from this concept. Drive Ahead features a full-fledged PVE campaign, boss battles, and even loot boxes. There are more than a hundred arenas in the game, and even more cars, so you get it now why it’s one of the best 2 player mobile games even in 2022.

Download Drive Ahead from Play Store | App Store (Free)


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