Top 10 best Roblox zombie games

Top 10 best Roblox zombie games

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Top 10 best Roblox zombie games

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Updated on February 25, 2023 – swapped 1 game

How can you tell if a Roblox zombie game is going to be good? That’s simple – does it scream the following sentence?


If it does, then you most certainly are in for a treat – a delicious brainy treat. We are going to give you some rather peculiar experiences that you should check out if you want to play the best Roblox zombie games.



Why Roblox zombie games, you might ask?

That’s another simple answer. Zombie games are usually action-packed and are by no means easy to pull off on a platform like Roblox.

Your favourite brain feeders from other platforms:

To have a fully functioning zombie you need to have a game that can run individual models properly, and use that to create a good, fun and unique experience. It can take significantly more time than other games, but if you manage to pull it off as a developer, it can really make others notice you.

Enough with the introductions though. Let’s check out some of the best Roblox zombie games right now.

Original article by Mihail Katsoris, updated by Artur Novichenko

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Zombie Uprising

This Roblox game is all about survival. You can acquire weapons, upgrade your artillery and your equipment and do your best to save mankind.

There is even a BattlePass that will grant players additional rewards for playing, so it’s definitely worth checking out!

Try Zombie Uprising on Roblox


Undead Defense Tycoon

While it doesn’t scream ‘zombies’ straight from its title, this Roblox game definitely has plenty of them. Undead Defense Tycoon will see players killing zombies, sort of like in Seven Days to Die (if you’re not familiar with it, I suggest you look it up), with more and more hordes coming as you play.

There are several achievements to obtain, and if you want a fun little zombie tower-defense-like game, this is the one.

Try Undead Defense Tycoon on Roblox


Field Trip Z

Another Roblox zombie game worthy of a trophy is Field Trip Z. One moment everything’s fine, and the next you’re chased after by hordes of hungry zombies ready to jump you and eat your brains.

It’s an exciting game if you want to see how well you’d do in a zombie apocalypse!

Try Field Trip Z on Roblox


Michael’s Zombies

If you are a fan of the epic Call of Duty zombie mode, be sure to check this game out. Michael’s Zombies is a game where you have to destroy zombies, a lot of zombies! Each wave of enemies becomes more complex but, at the same time, more fun.

Get the best weapon, upgrade it, and try to survive for as long as possible. Also, you can enjoy this crazy gameplay together with your friends.

Try Michael’s Zombies on Roblox


Zombie Rush

This is a third-person game where you have to survive against waves of zombies. In the latest update, the developers significantly improved the AI of the enemies (so it became more difficult to fight them) and added a completely new nuclear weapon. Since 2013, the game has been visited over 600 million times.

What sets Zombie Rush apart from other Roblox zombie titles is that you can be a zombie yourself. Throw away the boring weapon and look at the situation from the other side. Can you defeat your friends as a super-fast zombie?

Try Zombie Rush on Roblox


Recoil Zombies

A first-person shooter that actually looks fantastic (and nothing like the classic Roblox blocky graphics), Recoil Zombies is the perfect experience to hop onto, no matter if you want to play solo or with friends.

Pick a map, get a weapon, and start shooting at the hordes of zombies rushing at you. It’s also worth noting that it’s an alpha experience, so there might still be the occasional bug.

Try Recoil Zombies on Roblox


Plants vs Undead Tycoon

TV shows couldn’t be the only ones getting a Roblox homage. Plants vs Zombies is up there with them in Plants vs Undead, and it’s actually really good!

As per the original game, you have to deploy plants and collect Sun in order to defend your house from the zombies. Build, defend, plant, upgrade and do everything that you must in order to keep the hungry zombies away.

Try Plants vs Undead Tycoon on Roblox


Rise of the Dead

A full-fledged RPG with narrative, missions, raids, building and many more elements are what best describe Rise of the Dead. In this game, you’ll be able to talk to NPCs, get missions and weapons and try to survive as best as you can against zombies, bosses and humans who went rogue.

Try Rise of the Dead on Roblox


Zombie Stories

Another brilliant FPS, Zombie Stories is a game that’s not for the faint of heart. It has really fast-paced action, and your main goal is to shoot every single zombie you see.

There are several game modes and players can form teams of up to 5 players to take on enemies from multiple fronts.

Try Zombie Stories on Roblox


Zombie Attack

A pretty simple game at its core, Zombie Attack will see the player teaming up with friends in order to defeat as many brain-eaters as possible and climb the leaderboards.

The main goal is to fend off waves of enemies and bosses and use the rewards gained from these levels to advance and challenge even stronger opponents.

Try Zombie Attack on Roblox

This concludes our list of best Roblox zombie games! Please tell us what your favourites are in the comments below!

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