Stop the Unprovoked Attack on Jenin Refugee Camp by Isreal

Stop the Unprovoked Attack on Jenin Refugee Camp by Isreal

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Jonas Ezieke, Abuja

The Embassy of Palestine and its Ambassador in Nigeria Mr Abdullah M Abu Shawesh have urged the United Nations and other world bodies to urgently prevail on the Israeli government to immediately stop its unprovoked attack on Jenin Refugee Camp by its troops.

The Palestine authorities in a statement said that the Israeli occupation forces launched a wide and extensive brutal aggression in the Jenin refugee camp in Palestine in the early hours of Monday, July 4, 2023

It said that the military attacks started by air strikes on many homes and other civilian populations in the densely populated Palestine refugee camp by a fully armed ground troop who stormed the refugee camp.

The authorities said that the aggression had resulted to the loss of ten Palestinian souls, another ten persons wounded, and heavy damage to the properties and infrastructure of its citizens.

They called on the United Nations, the other international organizations to uphold and stand for the implementation of international laws, UN resolutions, human right declarations and other legal instruments that were created to ensure peace and security among nations.

The Palestinian diplomatic authorities also urged the Israeli government to stop the killings and to respect its obligation under international laws.


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