Stop chasing after the Sai Kung whale: Ocean Park

Stop chasing after the Sai Kung whale: Ocean Park

Ocean Park urged the public on Tuesday not to chase the whale off Sai Kung, as they found pictures of the animal with apparent propeller wounds on its back.

The park said it had been monitoring the huge baleen whale that’s been feeding in the waters of eastern Hong Kong since mid-July, together with the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department.

It said the wounds identified raise concerns about the whale’s safety, and a team was taking steps to confirm the species and condition of the animal.

In a statement, the park said that a crowd had been spotted approaching the whale over the weekend, which it says causes the animal stress and can lead to life-threatening consequences – such as inability to rest or feed.

“Whales are sensitive creatures and can be easily affected by loud noises, sudden movements and human interference. Additionally, approaching the whales can disrupt their natural behaviour and migration patterns, which can have a long-term negative impact on their well-being,” Compass Chan, the Scientific Officer of Ocean Park Conservation Foundation said.

The park called on the public to maintain a safe distance from the whale, as crowding the whale can be dangerous for humans as well.

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