Soul Land Reloaded codes (July 2023)

Soul Land Reloaded codes (July 2023)

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Soul Land Reloaded codes (June 2023)

Updated on June 20, 2023 – Added new codes

Soul Land Reloaded is among the numerous action RPGs on the mobile platform, and you can engross yourself for hours playing it. Developers frequently release new codes for the game, which you can utilize to get a range of freebies. Each available code lasts for a limited period only, so you need to employ it before the expiry to get the rewards. This guide provides you with the active Soul Land Reloaded codes.

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Active Soul Land Reloaded codes

You can use Soul Land Reloaded codes to get your hands on a range of unique in-game items like diamonds, golds, shards, and more. These will help you tremendously as you progress through the game.

The following are the active Soul Land Reloaded codes that you can use for free rewards:

  • WZDFL (Valid till July 2)
  • DWJKL – Peerless Buddha Fury Tang Lotus Shards x2
  • SYMLSF – Abyssal Dragon Shards x2
  • YQCZYJS – 2x Soul Tool Flying Wings Shards

Expired Soul Land Reloaded codes

Below are the Soul Land Reloaded codes that were previously working but now have expired:

  • RHJDZGJ (Valid till June 19)
  • RHYXDSC (Expires on June 14)
  • HAPPYSPVERR (Expires June 8)
  • HAPPYSP (Expires June 5)
  • HRDSDF – 300 Diamonds and 2x Oscar’s Sausage Fest
  • HRSSHS – 2x Divine Dragon Armor Shards
  • HRNXSBY – Exclusive rewards
  • HRQSBS – 2x Amulet of Sacrifice Shards
  • HRQKDES – 2x Skydream Ice Worm Shards
  • HLNSF – 2x Nine-Tailed Hu Liena Shards
  • HRWJJHS – Tiger Soul-refining Sabre Shards

If you try to redeem these codes, you will find an error message on the screen regarding the expiry.

How to use Soul Land Reloaded codes

Box where you can redeem codes for Soul Land Reloaded

Using Soul Land Reloaded codes is quite simple, and you can redeem an active one in a few minutes. Follow the steps outlined below to use the codes:

  • Step 1: Start by opening Soul Land Reloaded on your device.
  • Step 2: Click the top-left corner to access the “Player Information” dialogue box. You may then tap on the “System Settings” tab and press the “Redeem code” button.
  • Step 3: You will find a pop-up on the screen where you can insert the relevant Soul Land Reloaded code. After entering the code accurately, click on the “Confirm” button.

Once the redemption is successful, the rewards associated with the code will get sent to your in-game mailbox.

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