‘She used to be very afraid’: Christopher Lee reveals Fann Wong initially didn’t want to marry him, Entertainment News

‘She used to be very afraid’: Christopher Lee reveals Fann Wong initially didn’t want to marry him, Entertainment News

April 17, 2023published at 10:27 AMByDrima Chakraborty

Christopher Lee revealed that his wife Fann Wong was initially hesitant to get married.

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Christopher Lee and Fann Wong are a much-beloved celeb couple in Singapore, but it might come as a surprise to some that the 52-year-old actress apparently didn’t want to tie the knot with him.

This fascinating little insight into the couple’s marriage was revealed by Christopher himself in an interview with Taiwanese media alongside actress Peggy Tseng for their new movie, Workers.

In the movie, Christopher and Peggy play a married couple, but in reality they have very different opinions when it comes to getting hitched.

Reporters asked famously single Peggy if she would change her mind on marriage if she met someone like the Singapore-based Malaysian actor Christopher.

The 44-year-old Taiwanese actress remained unmoved, saying: “I know I’m not suitable for marriage. It’s not that I’m rejecting it. I just feel I don’t suit such a life.”

Hearing her words, 51-year-old Christopher said: “So you’re saying that companionship is fine, as long as it’s not marriage? But let me tell you, you shouldn’t speak too hastily. My wife had to be convinced by me [to get married].

“She used to be very afraid of marriage and was lacking confidence in it, but she eventually decided to marry me.”

Fann’s hesitation may explain why the couple dated for eight long years before marrying in 2009. They had a son, Zed, in 2014.

The movie Workers is based on the 2021 HBO drama of the same name, with Christopher reprising his Golden Bell award-winning role as Ah Qie, and Peggy playing his wife Mei-fung. Ah Qie hopes to get on a variety show and realise his dream of getting rich.


He ropes in Mei-fung and their son Xiaojie to participate in the show and win the grand prize.

While the movie touches on a heartwarming reconciliation between Ah Qie and Xiaojie, there is also a humorous scene where the boy walks in on his parents in bed.

When asked what he would do if Zed walked in on him and Fann, Christopher laughed and doubted it would ever happen.

Nevertheless, he added calmly: “He would understand that it’s a natural interaction, so it wouldn’t be a problem.”

Workers is currently showing in cinemas in Taiwan.

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