Sakamoto Days Chapter 115 Release Date, Speculation, Read Online

Sakamoto Days Chapter 115 Release Date, Speculation, Read Online

Uzui is revealed to be the spy in chapter 114 of Sakamoto Days, titled “Each One’s Task.”

It was an interesting chapter with a shocking twist at the end of it. We got some character development for the side characters. Akao and Uzui were the chapter’s highlights, and their dynamic was really sweet. 

However, things turned bad in the end as it was revealed that Uzui and his elder brother were there to destroy the chairman’s family. I am excited to see where it goes from here. 

Here are the latest updates.


1. Chapter 115 Speculations

Uzui will try to kill the chairman’s wife and daughter in chapter 115 of Sakamoto Days.

Things are slowly escalating, and I am hyped to see what’s coming next. It will be shocking for all of Uzui’s teammates when they will come to know the truth. I think Uzui might die by the end of the arc. 

Also, I am most interested in the promise Asaki was talking about. They most probably have a tragic backstory, and it is related to the chairman. It will be exciting to see the reason behind all the hard work Uzui and Asaki went through and why they are going this far.

Chapter 115 of Sakamoto Days will be released on Sunday, April 16, 2023. It is a weekly manga where new chapters are released every Thursday.

I. Is Sakamoto Days on break this week?

No, Sakamoto Days is not on break this week. Chapter 115 will be released as per schedule.

3. Chapter 115 Raw Scans, Leaks

Raw scans of chapter 115 of Sakamoto Days have not been released yet. The raw scans surface one to two days before the chapter’s release, so be sure to return and check.

4. Where to read Sakamoto Days?

5. Chapter 114 Recap

Kindaka asks Sakamoto, on a bike, whether the enemies are coming from behind. He replies in a negative. Akao wants to ride the motorcycle, but Sakamoto is not ready to trade it. 

Kindaka reminds everyone of their role. We get a flashback where Kindaka tells everyone they will use a decoy of three cars, and Uzui and Akao will be in the car in the front.  

Kindaka and Nagumo will be in the center car, and Sakamoto will care for the rare. In the present, Uzui confirms with Akao that Sakamoto is the best fighter out of all three. 

Akao is annoyed by this claim at first but later agrees that, given the present situation, Sakamoto is the strongest as he has the ability to turn anything into a weapon. 

Akao apologizes to Uzui for calling him a lousy assassin back in the store. He tells her not to apologize by saying he feels like a nice guy. They have some more talk and a few laughs. Akao is surprised to find out that despite his looks, Uzui is a super-positive guy. 

The focus shifts to the center car, where Nagumo plays with Konomi. Kindaka is amazed by how relaxed he is. He asks Nagumo why he changed his department from spy to assassin. 

Nagumo says that he found assassination more interesting. He agrees with Kindaka’s suspicion of a spy in JAA. After a little discussion, Nagumo gets car sick, and the focus shifts to the JAA headquarters. 

Yotsumura goes to the JAA chairman Soichi Amo to tell him about the general meeting. He reassures the chairman that his family is safe with Kindaka. However, Soichi wanted Yotsumura to go in place of Kindaka. 

Asaki enters the scene, talking about Yotsumura’s family. Yotsumra warns Asaki not to mention either his or chairman’s family again so openly, or he will kill him. 

Sakamoto Days Chapter 115 Release Date, Speculation, Read Online

Yotsumura will Kill Asaki | Source: MangaPlus

Kindaka and the group stop to take some rest. Uzui calls Asaki, and the latter asks him if the mission is going as planned. Uzui tells him that the target would be a general public member. 

It is revealed that Asaki is his elder brother. Uzui wants to quit the mission. Asaki is okay with it but doesn’t want to break their ‘promise.’ He tells Uzui to finish his spy work and kill the chairman’s mother and daughter. 

6. About Sakamoto Days

“Sakamoto Days” is a comedy-action manga by Yuto Suzuki published in Weekly Shonen Jump. The author is already known for two successful one-shots, Garaku and Locker Room.

The first chapter of this manga series was released on November 21, 2020. The story follows the Ultimate Assassin, Taro Sakamoto, who shifts to a much more peaceful lifestyle after falling in love with a convenience store owner.

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