RPGCast – Episode 515: “Jerky Goose Things”

RPGCast – Episode 515: “Jerky Goose Things”

To add to the Ammo conversation, as someone who doesn’t really like shooters outside of Mass Effect, Borderlands, Halo, and Doom, I like and prefer shooter games with ammo. When you have ammo, every shot counts. You can’t just hunker down in one spot and pick off enemies or spray and pray into infinity. It’s why, imo, while Mass Effect 1 had the better story, Mass Effect 2 had the more fun gameplay. You had to leave cover every so often to grab ammo, assess your situation and find new/better cover. In ME1 most of the game was finding a spot, sitting there, never moving, and sniping everything until the encounter was over. It got tedious after awhile. It was mostly a very easy game, and one of the very few games I actually was able to beat on Insanity difficulty.

QOTW: I think Rapidash should get a new evolution. Sprouting huge flaming, firey pegasus wings and being a Fire/Flying type. OR! Get a Galar region version that’s Water type and while Ponyta would have a watery/bubbly mane and tail instead of the flames, it’s Rapidash equivalent evolution would turn it into a Hippocampus (the mythological creature not the region of the brain).

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