Roy Jones Jr. Returning To Ring, Fighting 250 Lb. Bodybuilder NDO Champ

Roy Jones Jr. Returning To Ring, Fighting 250 Lb. Bodybuilder NDO Champ


Roy Jones Jr.
Returning To Ring
… Fighting NDO Champ In Metaverse!

6/30/2023 12:15 AM PT

Roy Jones Jr. is one of the best boxers ever, but the legendary fighter is stepping back in the ring with an opponent like never before, massive bodybuilder and social media star NDO Champ!

54-year-old RJJ and 39-year-old NDO Champ — who is 250 lbs. of solid muscle — are fighting Friday night in the Metaverse (more on that later).

NDO Champ, government name Robert Wilmote, is an IFBB Pro bodybuilder who has over one million followers on Instagram … and has gone viral a bunch of times. There’s a good chance you’ve seen NDO’s videos online.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Much different than Roy’s typical opponents … which he concedes.

“It’s much different than I’m used to. It’s kind of like Godzilla versus King Kong. You know, King Kong being the gorilla, that’s what he kind of reminds me of with all the muscles and he’s such a big dark figure,” Jones Jr. said.

But, RJJ has a strategy to deal with his powerful foe … “be smart enough not to run into the foolishness.” The “foolishness” being a big power punch.

As for how he sees the fight going, Jones Jr. says he’ll win … it’s just a matter of whether it’s by knockout or not.

“Depends how good of a punch he can take. He can’t take good punch then he goes to sleep. All depends on what happens. I don’t know, I’ve never been in the ring with him. I’ve never seen him box. There’s no film on him. That’s what makes it so different.”

Roy continued … “You don’t know what he’s bringing. You don’t know if he’s gonna be a Mike Tyson puncher or a guy with a lot of muscle that can’t punch at all.”

Champ, as you may expect, sees things playing out a bit differently.

“Listen, we don’t train to lose. We don’t train to come in there and play. If that’s the case, I’ll go back doin’ something else, you feel me. No disrespect, I salute the OG, but it’s wartime.”

NDO continued … “I’m not coming in there to congratulate you on all our successes, nah, you shouldn’t have gotten in this ring with this man. You shouldn’t have gotten in the ring with me. I’m a born stone killer!”

There’s more … we also talked to the man behind the fights, Celebrity Boxing creator Damon Feldman — about everything from the matchup, to the fight going down in the Metaverse.

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