Report: Group aims to buy every black man an AR-15 so conservatives will support gun control

Report: Group aims to buy every black man an AR-15 so conservatives will support gun control

One of the most tedious parts of this job is reading the same arguments over and over from liberals who think they have it figured out. Maybe men should be on the hook for child support as soon as they get a woman pregnant. OK, fine. Or women warning men that the overturning of Roe v. Wade will put a dent in hookup culture. Again, fine.

One we see all the time concerning gun control is that if blacks owned AR-15s, then Republicans would suddenly support gun control … because they’re racist, get it? After the rioting of 2020, plenty of news outlets picked up on the fact that people of color were buying guns, seeing footage of some of those Black Lives Matter “protests” working their way into domestic neighborhoods.

Apparently, there’s a group called “Unpull the Trigger” (stupid name) that’s launched a campaign to arm as many black men as possible with rifles.

BREAKING: Progressives Launch Campaign to Buy Every Black Man an AR-15 to Scare Republicans into Supporting Gun Control

“By making sure every black has a rifle, we can get Republicans to support universal background checks, gun buybacks, etc.” — CEO of “Unpull the Trigger”

— Jeff Charles, King of the Nonwhites🏴 (@jeffcharlesjr) August 2, 2023

Read the full story here:

— Jeff Charles, King of the Nonwhites🏴 (@jeffcharlesjr) August 2, 2023

We’ve read the full story and to be honest, we don’t know if this is just a great piece of satire from Charles — the quotes are just too on the nose. And we can’t find any other reference to Unpull the Trigger. But anyway, Charles writes:

Progressive activists concerned about gun violence are launching a campaign to drum up the support they need to pass more restrictive gun laws. The group plans to purchase an AR-15 for every eligible black American to scare Republicans into backing stricter regulations on firearms.

“We’ve known for a long time that racist Republicans are terrified at the thought of black men owning guns,” said Shelby Harris, chief operating officer of “Unpull the Trigger,” a non-profit anti-gun group. “By making sure every black man has a rifle, we can finally get Republicans to support universal background checks, gun buybacks, and confiscation of assault weapons.”

Dubbed the “Scare the Racists Straight” initiative, this controversial proposal is intended to get Republican politicians and their conservative constituents on board with the effort to limit gun ownership as much as possible.


See what we mean? Is this a parody or what? It’s a parody, right?


— Kathleen McKinley (@KatMcKinley) August 2, 2023

I think this is gonna… backfire

— Paul Rossi (@pauldrossi) August 2, 2023

This plan would backfire. (Tip your waitresses I’ll be here all week.) I’m fine with every legally allowed person to own any firearm they wish. Of all the new shooters and gun owners I see at the range the majority have been black women lately.

— Chris Loesch ⚔️ (@ChrisLoesch) August 2, 2023

While acknowledging this will not even remotely have the intended effect, I fully endorse the plan.

— Brian Rose (@drbtrose) August 2, 2023

— Fusilli Spock (@awstar11) August 2, 2023

This sounds great! More American gun owners. But, why stop at Black men? My daughter, who is Black, is a very good shot with AR-15s, but we could only afford to buy her a 9mm pistol when she turned 21. How about a little help over here!?

— ? (@Crapplefratz) August 2, 2023

This isn’t like, a Dave Chapelle skit or something, right?

— Joe Defiant (@Joe_Defiant) August 2, 2023

A good example of leftists projecting their own fears onto the right. They’re in for a disappointment.

— SeriouslyThough (@LiarSecond) August 2, 2023

Isn’t it illegal to buy a gun for someone else? Even if you give it to them.

— Newton Brown (@newt92969) August 2, 2023

We accept these terms

— Jared Christensen (@JaredDVMUT) August 2, 2023

Conservatives don’t seem a bit bothered by the idea, other than it being illegal. But we fully support minorities owning guns, especially those in liberal cities that are dumb enough to try defunding the police.

If this isn’t real, hopefully, someone will pick up the ball and run with it.


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