Ohanaeze Faction Announces $500,000 Bounty on Ekpa For Attempting To Cause ‘War’ in SE

Ohanaeze Faction Announces $500,000 Bounty on Ekpa For Attempting To Cause ‘War’ in SE

Dear Crusoe Osagie,

Thank you for taking the time to respond to my concerns regarding the progress of the Benin Port project. However, I would like to offer some advice on how to engage in a more objective and issue-based discussion in the future.

Firstly, constructive dialogue is essential for meaningful discussions. Instead of resorting to personal attacks and demeaning language, it is important to focus on addressing the substantive issues I raised about the progress of the project. Let us maintain a respectful and professional tone in our exchange of ideas next time.

Secondly, I must clarify that I served as a former Media Aide to the Edo State Governor, as I mentioned previously. The claim that I was dismissed for incompetence is inaccurate. Let us base our arguments on factual information to ensure a more productive conversation.

Again, rather than diverting attention from the concerns raised, I urge you to address the specific issues I highlighted regarding the progress of the Benin Port project. Providing evidence-based counter-arguments or offering clarifications would contribute to a more substantial discussion.

I must also add that to foster a fair and unbiased discussion, it is crucial to present a comprehensive analysis that considers both achievements and challenges. This approach ensures a more balanced assessment of the situation, promoting a better understanding of the issues involved.

I believe that by engaging in a respectful and substantive conversation, we can address the concerns surrounding the Benin Port project and contribute to the development and progress of our state.

Now, I feel compelled to respond to your critique, where you suggested that I have been disregarded by President Bola Tinubu in his appointment of media aides. While I appreciate your recognition of my role and support for President Bola Tinubu and his government, it is worth noting that you now taunt me for not being included in the initial list of appointments.

Allow me to address this matter by emphasizing that serving our nation should not be driven by personal gain. My commitment to the betterment of our country and the pursuit of an egalitarian society motivated me to work for President Tinubu’s administration, rather than any expectation of personal benefits.

Furthermore, it is crucial to understand that not everyone can be appointed by the President. This fact alone explains why some individuals choose to support the administration from outside positions. This approach, unlike the theory of “I scratch your back, you scratch mine,” which you alluded to, is driven by principles rather than your corrupt mindset.

I would also like to remind you that while you were still striving to make ends meet in Lagos, I made personal sacrifices by raising huge sums of money to wholeheartedly support the Governor Godwin Obaseki-led administration. I organized press conferences, workshops, seminars, and roundtables in Benin City during the campaign. When Governor Obaseki was elected, he personally appealed to me at his house to accept the position of his Chief Press Secretary. Contrary to your claim of my dismissal, I made a conscious decision to walk away from a person whom I could not trust to plan my future with. I challenge you to provide a newspaper report announcing my dismissal, as the absence of such publication indicates that Governor Obaseki and his media aide (you, Crusoe Osagie) propagated falsehoods.

It is important to note that when some of us were passionately championing Obaseki’s election in 2015/2016, Crusoe was not even involved. The governor was unaware of Crusoe’s existence until recent events unfolded. It is regrettable that Crusoe is now attempting to benefit from efforts he did not contribute to – Crusoe Osagie is reaping where he hasn’t sowed!

I have dedicated my efforts to serving President Tinubu and our great nation, Nigeria. My commitment lies in championing an egalitarian society and fostering patriotism without expecting personal gain in return. I have expended personal resources to organize events for my party and President Tinubu without seeking reimbursement. This selflessness stems from my genuine interest in the collective welfare. It is about what I can do for my country, not what my country can do for me.

I have made it clear to my party members, and I reiterate it here for those who are unaware, that working for the party to secure electoral victories does not guarantee automatic government appointments. We must all have alternative means of livelihood. Regardless of whether or not we hold government positions, our unwavering support is essential for the success of the government’s renewed hope agenda.

I have always posed the question: Can we not survive without government? I am pleased to state that since my departure from Obaseki’s government seven years ago, I have fared well. While I await the termination of the Obaseki-led government next year, which coincides with the end of the falsehoods you (Crusoe) have propagated, I pray that you find something meaningful to occupy your time, rather than relying on the government for sustenance.

Please permit me to inform you (Crusoe) that I am flourishing outside the confines of government. I am thriving and have achieved significant milestones. I am grateful to God for my decision to depart from Obaseki’s misguided administration.

Thank you.

John Mayaki

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