‘No regrets’: Singapore lecturer sells house to raise $150k to finance 6 students’ university fees, Singapore News

‘No regrets’: Singapore lecturer sells house to raise $150k to finance 6 students’ university fees, Singapore News

Go big or go home — This Singaporean lecturer has certainly gone big by selling his retirement home to raise $150,000 so he could send six students to study in Australia.

Frankie Yee, 56, first met the six international students from Uzbekistan in 2022 when teaching them at a private university here.

Yee learnt that the students were from poor families and had come to study in Singapore on a scholarship.

But they still had to pay for 20 per cent of their tuition fees, so the students worked daily for 10 hours after class in restaurants or hotels to earn money, Shin Min Daily News reported on Wednesday (July 26).

The struggling students then approached Yee with the idea of studying in Australia instead of Singapore. 

To raise funds for their university fees, Yee decided to take a risk and sell his retirement home in Genting, Malaysia and raised $150,000 to send the six students to study in Australia.

That amount is only enough for their tuition fees for the first semester, Yee estimated. The students plan to work while studying to finance the rest of their education.

Two students have started on their studies in the University of Sydney, and the other four are awaiting admission to the University of Wollongong, Yee told the Chinese daily.

In a podcast interview with Mave Mason, the lecturer shared that he was motivated to help the students as he saw their passion in getting a good education despite the hardships they faced.

Describing this as a “fighting chance in life to break through the vicious cycle of poverty”, Yee felt that he was not only helping the six teens, but also their future children and families.

When asked if he had any regrets about this decision, Yee immediately answered that he “has no regrets at all”.

“Even though my bank account is almost down to nothing, but the thought of these six boys having a better future, I feel that everything is worth it.”

The students told Yee that they would return “whatever you have given us” when they can afford it.

They also said they would buy the Genting house back for Yee in the future.

Despite this, Yee does not expect his kindness to be repaid.

“My only hope is that the six of them can become successful,” he said.

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