No joke: Man in Taiwan parks vans on rooftop to avoid fines, Asia News

No joke: Man in Taiwan parks vans on rooftop to avoid fines, Asia News

A man in Taiwan decided to park his vans on the rooftop of his house to avoid parking fines.

PUBLISHED ONJune 13, 2023 1:39 AMByLim Kewei

One man in Taiwan has taken the concept of a multi-storey car park to the next level.

Frustrated by the frequent parking fines he received for illegally parking his two scrapped vans on the streets of Taichung, the ingenious owner decided to park them on the rooftop of his house.

The vehicles have been perched on his rooftop since two years ago, when he engaged the help of a crane lifting service to hoist the two vans onto the roof, Central News Agency (CNA) reported.

One van has been placed snugly on the top storey of the roof, while the other van is propped against the wall at an awkward angle with its rear end jutting out from the building.

The bizarre placement of the vans have prompted multiple complaints from concerned neighbours, who were worried that the improperly placed vans could pose a serious risk to the safety of passers-by.

The owner dismissed the safety concerns cited, stating that the building is made of concrete and steel bars.

It’s not going to affect the building, don’t make a fuss,” he told the China Times on Friday (June 9).

Despite this, he agreed to the request of city officials and police to remove the vehicles and said they will be parked in the Taoyuan mountains sometime around October, Taiwan News reported.

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