The race to become the ultimate Nigerian Idol is getting more intense as 47 contestants have been dropped during the Theatre Week Duets, leaving only 29 contestants to make it to the next round before the top 10 contestants emerge.

Nigerian Idol

Each of the duos performed hit singles like Burna Boy’s Monsters You Made, Tiwa Savage’s Somebody Son, and other songs from Nigerian pop stars during this round with little to no time to bond with their respective partners.

Danny and Amaka opened the floor with their performance of Yemi Alade’s Shekere, which took them to the next round. Elita and Dozie, who made it after them, could not make it as they struggled to find a rhythm and pace that suited them both.

Unfortunately, we also got to witness the separation of the twins as Mina made it to the next level while his twin brother Mura did not meet the judge’s expectations. In hindsight, a win for one is a win for all.

Theatre week duets continued as contestants like Quest, Reigny, Constance, Precious Mac, Chisom, and more made it to the next round, although their partners did not impress the judges enough.

With 29 contestants currently gearing for the top 10 spots and the eventual crown of becoming the next Nigerian Idol, there is lots of work to be done in terms of their overall performance power.

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