Mighty Doom is a mobile top-down shooter arriving in March

Mighty Doom is a mobile top-down shooter arriving in March


Bullet hell, now in Hell

The Doom Slayer is ready to take on demons with a new perspective. Mighty Doom is a new mobile, single-touch shooter starring the Mini Slayer, arriving on March 21 for iOS and Android.

Created by Alpha Dog Games and Bethesda, this particular version of Doom events takes place in the “animated Doom universe.” The Slayer is stolen away to another universe and is on a simple mission: get back their pet bunny Daisy, and destroy any demons in their way.

This new universe was inspired by the collectible toys in Doom Eternal. But now, they will replicate the gory, blood-splattering violence of their inspirations in adorable cartoon form.

Rip, tear, swipe

Rather than a first-person shooter, Mighty Doom is a scrolling run-and-gun arcade shooter. You view the Mini Slayer from a top-down perspective, directing him through waves of demons and through the perils of mini-Hell.

Those runs through mini-Hell will evolve, too. There are rogue-lite elements that allow you to upgrade the Mini Slayer’s gear, enhancing weapons and finding new skill combinations. What’s the fun of raiding the demon realm without a few new toys, right?

Mighty Doom is the creation of Alpha Dog Games, a studio that joined Bethesda in 2019. The team was given a shot to create a Doom spin-off, and here we are: Mighty Doom. Slayers Club members will get a special Mini Slayer skin in-game when Mighty Doom launches, and pre-registration is live now for both the Google Play Store and App Store on the Mighty Doom site.

While mobile game adaptations can be hit-or-miss, Mighty Doom seems built ground-up to be something that can stand on its own. I’m curious to see what the in-app purchases look like, as the store listing does say there will be some. But there have still been great adaptations of franchises into the mobile format. The lil’ Mini Slayer is pretty fun, too.

Mighty Doom goes live for mobile on March 21.

Eric Van Allen

Senior News Reporter

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