Let’s All Wish BTS a Happy 10th, Shall We?

Let’s All Wish BTS a Happy 10th, Shall We?

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Attention, ARMY: it’s time to celebrate. BTS turns ten years old this week, which means a birthday party is in order. In Seoul, the city is being decorated to honor the group, whose music found international success—and changed the world of K-pop.

According to AP News, the festivities will begin this evening in Korea, with plans to light City Hall, Lotte World Tower, the Han River Bridges, and DDP (Dongdaemun Design Plaza) dome in a purple hue. Meanwhile, congratulatory messages have been projected across billboards in Seoul to commemorate the anniversary. To top things off, a firework show will take place by the Han River on Saturday night, after BTS member RM hosts a virtual conversation with fans.

If you aren’t familiar with BTS (gasp!), let’s take a quick walk down memory lane. The K-pop group, which was formed by the management company Hybe, includes Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook. In 2013, the group released their first single, “No More Dream,” and found a stratospheric level of success seven years later with “Dynamite.” The catchy song became the first K-pop track to top the Billboard Hot 100 list. Over the past decade, they’ve released nine studio albums and 43 singles, along with a record-breaking six music videos that have garnered over a billion views each.

Despite the group’s wild success, they’re currently on a hiatus while all seven members complete Korea’s mandatory military service. BTS members Jin and J-Hope have already begun their 18-month run, and the remaining members will follow suit later this year. While they’re separated, the band members are reportedly working on solo ventures. In an honest dinner conversation, the group discussed their desire to evolve as artists. “We’re trying to find our identity, and that’s an exhausting and long process,” Jimin said.

We don’t know exactly when BTS will reunite, but in the meantime, you can stream their songs on Spotify and Apple Music to celebrate how far they’ve come.


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