Kate Middleton asked to stop ‘Kardashianisation’ of Wales

Kate Middleton asked to stop ‘Kardashianisation’ of Wales

Kate Middleton asked to stop Kardashianisation of Wales

The British tabloid largely remain focused on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and hardly criticise the working members of The British royal family.

But Kate Middleton and Prince William have drawn criticism for matching outfits they have recently chosen for themselves and their children.

In her article for The Telegraph,Sophia Money-Coutts, an admirer of Kate Middleton’s fashion sense, has hit out at Wales for wearing matching outfits like Kardashians.

She wrote, “I’ve always found it slightly creepy and controlling when parents match their outfits with their children’s, as if their child is simply an accessory, like a pair of shoes or bag. Do you like my eight-year-old? It also comes in red and pink.”

She added, “How narcissistic to presume that you child should look exactly like you.”

The writer then referred to a series of photos recently shared by Kris Jenner.

“Matching outfits can only mean one thing- the creeping Kardashianisation of our royals,” the article in The Telegraph read 

It said, “Kardashians have used the #AlwaysMatching hashtag and the same could increasingly apply to the Wales, it seems.”

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