Junk Food Influencers 19/06/2023

Junk Food Influencers 19/06/2023

Influencers will be banned from spruiking free junk food and viral energy drinks on TikTok and Instagram under proposed laws to tighten food advertising on social media. 

Sydney councils are being urged to ignore FIFA’s “mad” bureaucracy which is preventing them from organising live sites to watch the Women’s Football World Cup – and just do it anyway. 

Queenslanders will have access to two psychedelic drugs for mental health treatment within weeks after the state government quietly changed medicines-related regulation. 

Friends of Paul Denyer’s victims have called on the state government to end their torment after the serial killer sent them a chilling letter pleading to be released from jail. 

South Australian tenants would have the right to own a pet under proposed reforms that would stop owners from having to surrender their animals or face homelessness. 

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