Infraon’s SaaS-based product suite helps companies overcome their biggest recession-related ITOps issues

Infraon’s SaaS-based product suite helps companies overcome their biggest recession-related ITOps issues

In the recent past, SaaS adoption saw peaks during the pandemic-caused recession as companies were clamoring for remote flexibility and scalability. Since then, SaaS tools have become an omnipresent part of large and small-sized enterprises – used in critical functions like Operations, Customer Success, Sales, and Marketing. But unfortunately, it led to a unique situation wherein companies could not justify their spending in the face of another recession that came within a few years.

Infraon Infinity is built to address the many recession-related ITOps issues – especially for companies that are indecisive or half-hearted about modernization journeys.

“Often, many companies take knee-jerk decisions on SaaS software in the face of a recession. They either go on an unsubscribing spree to slash costs or onboard multiple software to help optimize costs.

However, both scenarios lead to reduced business growth/efficiency once the recession comes to its inevitable end. So today, the solution is to find a best-fit single vendor suite like Infraon Infinity for on-demand cross-enterprise modernization.” said Arun Prasath R, Founder of Infraon Corp.

Infraon Infinity is a full-stack Bizops & IT operations platform for SMEs, large enterprises, and telcos to simplify life for their employees and customers. It’s an all-in-one platform that offers ITSM efficiency, complete observability, and AIOps capabilities. Some of its exclusive features include:

• Blazing-fast multi-department deployment & integration

• Pre-built workflow automation accelerators

• Scalable support to meet business goals as you grow

• Seamless UI familiarity for maximum user productivity

• Single source of data insights to improve decision-making

• Real-time service availability & infra-performance monitoring

• Inbuilt incident management workflows

• Single-click analytics & reporting

Arun added, “When different teams/branches use different products to manage key IT & non-IT processes, critical functions like ITSM, ITOM, and asset management become disorganized. Plus, many SaaS tools come with deployment issues and poor experiences, which can be a major pain for business users and customers.

With Infraon Infinity, you get a fully integrated ITOps modernization platform that can unite multiple teams. Our easy-to-use interface makes it a breeze to maximize asset ROI, resolve helpdesk tickets, automate workflows, etc.”

During the beta testing phase, Infraon Infinity has proven to cut down go-live time by 40%, increase FCR by 38%, and reduce the SLA breach rate by 98%. If you sign up today, you also get the following:

       • A customized product roadmap based on your feature priorities
       • Dedicated onboarding service 
       • Free 3-month post-deployment support

About Infraon Corp

Infraon Corp provides an integrated SaaS-based product suite to help enterprises of all sizes and telecom service providers automate their digital transformation journeys. Infraon brings over two decades of specialized domain experience in the I&O landscape.

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