Guinness Book of World Records: 5 funniest Nigerian entries

Guinness Book of World Records: 5 funniest Nigerian entries

These are the five most amusing Nigerian achievements recognised in the Guinness Book of World Records.

The world's fastest monkey is Nigerian [GWR]


The country has witnessed numerous instances of its citizens breaking world records in the past. Among these remarkable achievements, there are some Nigerian records in the Guinness Book of World Records that are simply hilarious.

Some of these records may appear absurd, making us question their authenticity, but they are proven facts.

Without further ado, let’s delve into five of the most amusing Guinness World Records with ties to Nigeria:

The Nigerian Dwarf is the smallest goat breed in the world [TCW]

According to esteemed authorities such as the American Goat Society and the American Dairy Goat Association, adult males (bucks) of this breed should measure less than 60 cm, while adult females (does) should be under 57 cm.

In fact, the Nigerian Dwarf Goat Association provides even more specific guidelines, suggesting that bucks should ideally range from 48 to 53 cm and does should fall between 43 and 48 cm.

The world's fastest monkey is Nigerian [GWR]

One of the funniest Guinness World Records attributed to Nigeria is the claim to the title of the fastest monkey.

The patas monkey (Erythrocebus patas) holds the title for the fastest primate on land, with its maximum speed surpassing 30 miles per hour. The patas monkey not only secured the crown as the world’s fastest monkey but also provided us with a previously unknown insight into the natural world of wildlife in Nigeria.

This record was set in 2015.

The Nigerian Dwarf has two Guinness World Records [TCW]

During lactation, the butterfat percentage can even reach 10% or higher. This milk is widely used in cheese-making due to its richness.

Nigerian Dwarf goats, the breed in question, are also capable of producing up to 3.6 kg of milk per day. It’s quite an amusing and peculiar recognition, but it’s ours nonetheless.

This record was set in 2015.

Senator David Omueya Dafinone died in 2018 [Guardian]

An achievement from Nigeria recognised by the Guinness World Records is that of Senator David Omueya and Cynthia Esella Dafinone. Their three sons and two daughters all achieved qualifications as members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.

The children are Igho Omueya Dafinone, Ede Omueya Dafinone, Duvie Omueya Dafinone, Daphne Omueya Dafinone, and Joy Ufuoma Dafinone.

Notably, Senator Omueya had previously obtained membership in the same institution back in 1963.

This record was set in 1999.

Longest drinks pouring relay is a Guinness World Record held by Nigeria [GWR]

On June 1, 2018, an event hosted by Arla Foods Nigeria took place at Muri Okunola Park in Victoria Island, Lagos, to mark World Milk Day. A staggering 650 enthusiastic participants came together and successfully achieved the record. This event set a new global standard for the Longest Drinks Pouring Relay.

Remarkably, the Academy of World Records acknowledges and celebrates this extraordinary achievement, which is well-deserved.


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