Get Our Top-Rated Portable Power Stations at Huge Prime Day Discounts

Get Our Top-Rated Portable Power Stations at Huge Prime Day Discounts


Power for when you truly need it.


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Anker 757 battery charging gear.
Cory Gunther / Review Geek

Looking for a portable power station (solar generator) to take camping, put in an RV, or have in case of emergencies? If so, some of our top-rated options are on sale for Amazon Prime Day. Get a battery from Anker, EcoFlow, Jackery, and more while the deals are still available.

As you’re probably all aware—savings are everywhere right now for Amazon Prime Day. However, not everything you see is actually a deal, plus it’s easy to get overwhelmed by no-name products with lucrative pricing and unrealistic promises.

So, if you want to stock up on small battery packs for charging on the go or get a huge portable power station for off-grid living, here are a few excellent deals on products from brands I know, use at my cabin, and trust.

That Anker 757 at the top of the list is probably the best portable power station deal I’ve seen yet. That’s a significant discount on a highly capable battery that’ll charge all your phones, laptops, gadgets, or even power a Keurig. And yes, I’ve done all of the above with that exact product, and you’ll love the built-in LED lightbar.

If you somehow need even more power or want a portable battery with a 30A plug for an RV, consider the Anker Powerhouse 767 for nearly 30% off. I own one of these as well, and it gives you endless power on wheels.

Multiple brands offer these types of products, but you’re better off choosing one from a reputable brand, especially if you want confidence that it’ll work when you need it most. The EcoFlow Delta 2 is also a solid option, and it received a 9/10 in our review.

Remember, Amazon Prime Day is today and tomorrow only, although we expect several deals to continue throughout the week. That said, with some of the significant discounts we’re seeing today, don’t expect sales to last. If you’re interested in a portable power station (and you should be) at a price you can afford, now’s probably a good time to buy one.

Cory Gunther

Cory Gunther

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