Gangs of Lagos: Now people will stop asking of my whereabouts — Tayo Faniran

Gangs of Lagos: Now people will stop asking of my whereabouts — Tayo Faniran

Tayo Faniran, a winner of the popular reality TV show, Big Brother Africa and actor has stated that with his role in the recently released movie, Gangs Of Lagos, people would stop asking about his whereabouts career-wise.

According to the reality TV star turned actor, his role as Ninalowo of Isale Eko, a gang lord, has given his career a new lease of life and it has certified him as a ‘gangster for life’.

In a chat with Daily Trust, he said, “I am so happy. I am emotional about this; I have been big but this is like a second chance for me. It is not easy. Not a lot of people get this type of opportunity. I am happy that once again, people would get to see me on a platform whereby they would reduce or completely eradicate asking me the question, ‘where have you been.’ I am grateful for this opportunity.

“Ninalowo of Isale Eko aka Nino, that character has certified me as a gangster for life. It is such a great character; charismatic and cool. The character will trigger a lot of emotion in people. I am sure people would love that character.”

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The movie, Gangs of Lagos, is a film co-produced by Kemi Lala Akindoju and Jade Osiberu whose production has marked the start of a three-year partnership with Amazon Prime Video and Jade Osiberu’s production company.

While speaking about working with the co-producers of the movie, Faniran said, “Working with Jade and Lala, they created an atmosphere of love and respect. I have lived and worked in South Africa for 12 years, if anyone is familiar with the South African system, you would know that it is the closest thing to Hollywood in Africa, the atmosphere, etiquette, the principles. And these people did not disappoint me in any way.

“Jade knows the way to connect with you, she is spiritual, she is a genius. It is not a coincidence that everyone respects her. I pray for a long life for her. Lala as well.”

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