Gang-related murders declining, says top cop

Gang-related murders declining, says top cop

Commissioner of Police, Major General Antony Anderson says gang-related murders are declining islandwide while interpersonal crimes are increasing.

Overall, there has been a 16 per cent reduction in major crimes across the island at the half-year mark when compared to the similar period last year, Anderson disclosed at the police’s monthly press conference on Tuesday.

Commissioner of Police Major General Antony Anderson (File photo)

The top cop said that year-on-year, murders for the period are down 13 per cent, shootings are down by 12 per cent, robberies are down by 23 per cent, break-ins are down by 12 per cent, and rape is down by 24 per cent.

In analysing the murder figures, Anderson said that of the number of murders committed since the start of the year, 67 per cent were gang-related, and 20 per cent arose from interpersonal disputes.

“This is a shift, as we see a reduction in the gang-related murders and an increase in the interpersonal (crimes),” the commissioner said.

The police continues to work with various communities and its domestic violence centres islandwide in an effort to curtail the interpersonal conflicts that can give rise to more serious crimes, he said.

“At this half-year mark, we are positioned to end the year with a reduction in all major crimes,” Anderson declared. 

He called on Jamaicans to share information of the guns, gangs and gunmen by contacting the police and using social media responsible.

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