FNCS Grand Finals Major 2 – Top Duos and Format

FNCS Grand Finals Major 2 – Top Duos and Format

The FNCS Grand Finals are fast approaching, with a conclusion to the second major that’s dominated Chapter 4 Season 2. This event rounds off a whole season of the game but it also marks the halfway point before our end-of-year LAN. Teams have limited chances left to gain their spot, and there’s still everything to play for heading into the FNCS Major 2 Finals.

The FNCS Finals are always fun. It’s 12 games standing between each Duo and rising to the top of their region. Recently, we’ve seen some new faces in Fortnite esports climb up to the top flight of the game. Uphending the rankings for the best players. With a fun but unpredictable meta in the game right now, it’s all still to play for over the weekend.

FNCS Finals weekend

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FNCS Grand Finals Major 2

The second Major will be taking place over the weekend, where the top FNCS teams in each region of the game compete for their slot at the LAN, but also a share of a $2,001,200 prize pool.

The FNCS Grand Finals are taking place over May 12-14. They will be a total of 12 matches across both days, 6 games per session being played. The highest-ranking teams in each region will go forward to the Major, and take home a sizeable prize for this season.

Those who have made it this far have each qualified through the various weeks of the FNCS. From those who won their slots early to the last few to claw up through the FNCS Surge Week, they’re all starting on equal footing here. Across Fortnite’s many regions, there are too many teams taking part to cover everyone. If you’re looking for some stand-out players to watch at the tournament, these are some Duos that might be able to go all the way at FNCS Major 2.

Top Duos to Watch at FNCS Grand Finals

Across all regions of the event, there are about 600 players taking part. It’s too many to cover everyone, but looking at the biggest regions in the game there are a few names that stand out.

Europe is one of the most competitive regions for the FNCS and most of the players to make it this far have good reason to stand out. Kami and Setty though have definitely have a lot of momentum heading into the final. They won the third week of the competition, after just missing out in third in Week 2. They have a strong history in competitive Fortnite. Another win at the FNCS Grand Finals would cement their spot at the top of the game right now.
Over in North America, Acorn and Cold Are two players to watch for the FNCS Major 2. They’ve won the Chapter 4 Season 1 Finals, and taken their spot this season relatively quickly. Most recently they’ve just won a cash cup, which gives them an insane track record in this Chapter. They’re likely the favorites for their part of the world.

Coming up behind them though is a lot of other skilled players. This newly combined region is hard to call with so many great players concentrated in one place for the FNCS Major 2 Finals.

FNCS Major 2 Format

The FNCS Grand Finals are the very highest level of esports for the current Chapter. If you’re looking to catch up with how competitive Fortnite has been going for the season, this is the perfect time. The format for the game and how to watch the FNCS is pretty simple.

Each region has had its three weeks of competition and a surge week. In this time, the top qualifying teams have moved forward into these finals. Over Saturday and Sunday, we’ll see all of these competing in one lobby. They’ll play six games a day, with an ongoing leaderboard tracking how many points they get from kills and placement. There are a few changes from the first Major. Specifically, the FNCS Major 2 players didn’t have to come up through the Divisional Cup system. We’re back to all Champion players being eligible.

The player with the most points at the end of the 12 games is crowned the winner. The top team in each region wins a slot at the end of year LAN. Or the top 2 in the bigger servers like Europe.

The FNCS Grand Finals are always some of the tensest competitions in Fortnite. While the top players are still divided up by region, it’s only the best in each locale at this level of the competition. You can follow along with the entire competition through the official streams, or the Legend’s Landing in-game map.

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