Early childhood education project topics for final-year students

Early childhood education project topics for final-year students

Early childhood education project topics for final year students.


List of Childhood Education Project Topics

Below are some relevant topics for childhood education you can select from:

  1. Social Studies Teachers View Of The Introduction Of Religion And National Values Curriculum In Upper Basic Education
  2. An Evaluation Of The Implementation Of The Universal Basic Education (UBE) Programme
  3. An Assessment Of The Learning Environment Of Early Childhood And Development Education In Public Schools In Esan West Local Government Area Of Edo State, Nigeria
  4. A Study On The Impact Of Child Labour On School Attendance And Academic Performance
  5. School Dropout And The Management Challenges In Implementation Of Universal Basic Education Programme.
  6. An Assessment Into The Attitude And Guidance Of Parents On Educational Interest Of The Children
  7. The Role Of The Nigerian Union Of Teachers In Promoting Staff Welfare At The Basic Education Level In Nkanu East LGA
  8. Benefits And Problems Of Social Media Usage Among Early Childhood Education Undergraduates In Kwara State
  9. The Creation And Application Of Teaching Materials In Early Childhood Education
  10. Impact Of Orphanage Home On The Child’s Personality Development
  11. Availability And Utilization Of Learning Resources In Teaching Basic Science And Technology Among Primary Schools.
  12. Trends Of ICT (Audio-Visuals) In Early Childhood Education
  13. Using Stories To Improve Pupils Listening Skills Among Kindergarten (KG 2) Children In Some Selected Pre-Schools In Local Government Area In Lagos State
  14. Effect Of Early Childhood Education On Academic Performance Pupils Among Nursery School
  15. Parent Participation And School Child Education Quality In Secondary School In Nigeria
  16. Proper Implementation Of U.B.E Curriculum As A Panacea For Enhance Educational Development Of Primary Schools In Yakurr Local Government Area
  17. An Analysis Of The Roles Of Civil Society Organizations In Encouraging Involvement In Basic Education Delivery (A Case Study Of Talensi-Nabdam District Of Ghana)
  18. Effects Of Socio-Economic Background Of Parents On Academic Achievement Of Their Children In Schools
  19. Sustainable Strategies For Effective Implementation Of Universal Basic Education (UBE) Programme
  20. Teacher Attitude Towards Learner With Learning Difficulties In Early Childhood Education (A Case Study Of Some Selected Secondary School Nasarawa State)
  21. Elementary Mathematics: A Review Of Students’ Understanding Of The Causes Of Poor Academic Performance In The Subject
  22. Survey Of Divorce Among Women And It’s Effects On Children’s Academic Achievement
  23. Challenges In The Implementation Of Universal Basic Education (UBE) In Junior Secondary Schools
  24. Strategies For Effective Implementation Of The Senior Basic Education
  25. The Relationship Between Child’s Rights Act And Girl Child Education In Senior Secondary Schools
  26. Problems And Prospects Of Universal Basic Education (UBE) Implementation In Junior Secondary Schools In Eziagu Local Government Area Of Enugu State
  27. Importance Of Modern Improvisation In Teaching And Learning Of Basic Science In Primary School (A Case Of Studies In Awka South Local Government Area)
  28. Problem Militating Against The Development Of Early Childhood Education
  29. The Effect Of Parental Divorce And It’s Timing On Child Educational Attainment A Dynamic Approach
  30. The Impact Of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Learning On Childhood Education
  31. Examine The Attitude Of Parents Towards The Primary Education Of Their Children
  32. The Role of Parents Teachers Association (PTA) In Promotion Of Teaching And Learning Of Basic Science In Junior Secondary School
  33. Effect Of Child Abuse On The Academic Performance Of Secondary School Students In Nigeria
  34. The Impact Of Child Abuse And Neglect On The Nigerian Society
  35. The Effect Of Socio-Economic Background On The Academic Performance Of Students (A Case Study Of Some Selected Secondary School In Oredo Local Government Area Of Edo State)
  36. Factors That Militates Against Effective Implementation Of Universal Basic Education In Anambra State
  37. Effect Of Play Way Method As A Learning Strategy On Skills Development In Early Childhood Education
  38. Causes And Problems Of Divorce And Its Effect On Child Education In Selected Schools In Egor Local Government Area, Edo State
  39. The Impact Of Girl-Child Education To Community Development
  40. The Role Of Parents In The Career Development Of The Child
  41. Factors Affecting The Implementation Of Universal Basic Education
  42. Evaluating The Effectiveness Of Teaching Styles In Early Childhood Education
  43. The Effect Of Play Method On The School Enrollment Among Pre Primary School Children In Birnin Kebbi, Kebbi State
  44. Child Labour In Nigeria, Challenges And Prospects
  45. Assessment Of Parents And Teachers’ Attitude Towards Early Childhood Care Development And Education (ECCDE)

When picking your topic, make sure that you are well cleared on the topic and have a broad scope and understanding of what you’re about to write on.

Listed above are some early childhood education project topics for final year students in 2023 and beyond. Please do ensure to consult your school for guidelines on how research projects are being carried out before proceeding. Goodluck.


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