Dollar Tree Has Stopped Selling Eggs—Here’s Why

Dollar Tree Has Stopped Selling Eggs—Here’s Why

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The chain is not expected to stock up on the food staple again until later this year.

The next time you’re looking to buy a carton of eggs, you’ll have to skip browsing at Dollar Tree. The popular chain has announced that they have stopped selling eggs nationwide.

The news may come as a surprise, especially with Easter and Passover around the corner—two holidays in which eggs are very popular purchases.

However, the reason has to do with ever-increasing prices. Amidst rising food prices, certain goods—like eggs—are feeling the heat more than others. Now, Dollar Tree is taking steps to address that in its 8,000 stores.

Why Will Dollar Tree Stop Selling Eggs?

Prices of eggs have astronomically risen due to a national egg shortage that began in 2022. The egg shortage was caused by a highly contagious strain of avian flu.

According to Reuters, egg prices rose by almost 60% this past fall. And while egg prices did fall by 6.7% in February, they still remain abnormally high. For Dollar Tree, whose average prices hover around $1.25, with $3 to $5 typical for other food items, the egg prices were deemed too high.

When Will Dollar Tree Stop Selling Eggs?

Cartons of Eggs for Sale on shelves of a supermarketAFP Contributor/Getty Images

Dollar Tree has reportedly already stopped selling eggs. However, Family Dollar, which Dollar Tree operates, will not stop selling eggs. Nationwide, there are 8,200 Family Dollar stores that, similarly to Dollar Tree, sell goods at discounted prices. For Family Dollar, though, items can be priced as high as $10.

Will Eggs Come Back to Dollar Tree this Year?

While the chain has not announced an official date that eggs will return to stores, a Dollar Tree spokesperson stated that eggs will not return to Dollar Tree until at least fall.

When “costs are more in line with historical levels,” says Randy Guiler, company spokesperson, consumers can expect to see eggs back on Dollar Tree shelves. Fortunately, egg prices have gradually been falling and are expected to continue to fall throughout the year. Until then, we’ll be stocking up on goods whose prices are low due to oversupply, like avocados.

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