Daily Covid cases top 10,000, sharp rise in Kerala, Delhi & north India

Daily Covid cases top 10,000, sharp rise in Kerala, Delhi & north India

Seven days after hitting the 5,000 mark, daily cases of Covid-19 in India crossed 10,000 on Wednesday for the first time since August 25 last year, on the back of a sharp rise in Kerala and significant increases in Delhi, Tamil Nadu and several north Indian states.
India recorded 10,168 fresh cases on Wednesday and 15 deaths from the virus. In the last seven days, more than 47,000 cases have been recorded, an 80% rise from the count of 26,300 logged in the previous seven days. During the same period, deaths increased from 48 to 85, still relatively low but rising.
By late Thursday, India had nearly 46,000 active cases, up from nearly 26,000 a week ago. Similarly, the test positivity rate (TPR), the percentage of sample testing positive for Covid, had risen to 4.46% from 3.22% a week back.
Kerala reported 3,420 new cases, the highest single-day count since July 13 last year while Delhi (1,159) and Maharashtra (1,115) logged over 1,000 daily cases after many months.


Cumulative case counts of the last seven days show a sharp increase in infections in several northern states. Rajasthan registered a 5.6x increase during this period, with 1,266 fresh cases, over the preceding seven days. Over a four-fold increase in the weekly tallies was seen in Chhattisgarh (991 cases from 238) and Bihar (272 from 64) while the counts continued to rise sharply in Haryana (3,114 new case), Tamil Nadu (2,493), Uttar Pradesh (1,950) and some others.
Gujarat continued to register a slight decline in numbers, as did Goa.
The only region currently untouched by the Covid surge is the northeast. Meanwhile, cases have also begun rising in the eastern states of Odisha, Bengal, Bihar and Jharkhand, although the numbers in the latter three are yet pretty low.
A comparison with the Covid surge in June-August last year shows that when the national tally was at a similar stage as at present, it took more than five weeks for the case count to peak.

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