Cybertruck’s giant Ford F-150 Lightning frunk copy snapped open

Cybertruck’s giant Ford F-150 Lightning frunk copy snapped open

Cybertruck's hood also pops open to reveal a big frunk now (image: Christopher Bowe/Twitter)
Cybertruck’s hood also pops open to reveal a big frunk now (image: Christopher Bowe/Twitter)

When it saw the Ford F-150 Lightning last year, Tesla reportedly went back to the drawing board for the Cybertruck and tried to match Ford’s big Mega Power frunk feature. While this has only been a rumor so far, now the Cybertruck’s frunk has been snapped open in the wild to confirm it.

When Tesla announced its first electric pickup truck way back in 2019 and called it the Cybertruck, it only had a hood to open at the front. Fast forward to Ford’s release of the F-150 Lightning direct competitor last year, and Tesla quickly rethought its limited front trunk design to match what the monstrous F-150 Lightning Mega Power frunk can fit and carry.

Tesla obviously noted the universal praise of the F-150 Lightning’s giant storage and power source space at the front, and decided to outfit the Cybertruck with a megafrunk of its own. The hood apparently extends to the sides and lifts together with the entire light bar running along the front edge. That has been the rumor so far, at least, and there were even Photoshop efforts to envision how it will look when popped open.

Well, nobody has to resort to their imagination anymore, as, after we got a preview of how the Cybertruck’s new giant single wiper works, now comes a photo of the electric pickup with its giant frunk covering lifted in its entirety. Needless to say, it looks way edgier and hewn out of a stainless steel block than the F-150 Lightning curvier Mega Power frunk lid, but that’s how the Cybertruck’s design rolls.

It remains to be heard what extra storage and power source features Tesla has in mind for the Cybertruck’s frunk to match the F-150 Lightning offering. So far, all new exterior and interior design rumors have turned out credible, so the only thing that remains to be previewed is the largest console display on a Tesla in action on the Cybertruck. The recently unveiled Zeekr X luxury electric SUV, for instance, has a mobile central display that can be slid right in front of the front passenger, so that’s another idea Tesla might need to poach in the future.

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