Could XRP Price Reach $100 Post-SEC Win Outpacing Bitcoin & Apple?

Could XRP Price Reach $100 Post-SEC Win Outpacing Bitcoin & Apple?

Finally! It’s over. Ripple XRP won their case against the SEC which is not only a great win for them but for the crypto market in general. It is a sense of relief that we write this as it was becoming exhausting talking about the case, and we are sure everyone was sick of reading about it too.

The case was dragged out for three years, but over time it was becoming clearer that the SEC’s case was falling apart. If you had followed our advice a few months ago you would be sitting on nearly 100% profit as the price of XRP skyrocketed following the verdict.

However, according to many experts, including crypto YouTuber Cameron Fous, there is still lots of time to get involved in XRP as after the initial pump, the price dropped a little and then leveled off. He had some very interesting things to say about the Ripple and its future potential so let’s get into what he thinks and whether there may be better options on the market at the moment.


YouTuber Still Thinks There is Value in the XRP Price 

Cameron Fous is one of the most trusted crypto influencers on YouTube. There is a very simple reason for this, and it’s his track record. He has made millions investing and clearly knows his stuff. He was also on the Ripple (XRP) train early and advised his followers in his telegram group to invest well before the verdict of the trial came down the wire.

Despite the pump and leveling-off period, Fous is still bullish on XRP however, he is preaching some common sense. In a video, he posted on Twitter, Fous goes through the process of finding out where the best spot to buy the dip is. His conclusion is anywhere between $0.55 and $0.71 would be the ideal position.

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As you can see, at the time of writing, the price is a bit above the dip zone. He advises investors to practice patience but does suggest you can take a lower position at this price still. His reasoning for this is that he has high hopes for the future of XRP.

He thinks the fact that Bitcoin did not pump more after the SEC verdict shows that Ripple may be ready to outpace crypto’s number one token and even Wall Street heavy hitters like Apple.

Short-term, he thinks we could be looking at a price of $1.50 which would mean over 100% return if you were to invest now. In the medium term, he thinks it will trade between $2 and $5, while long term he forecasts it could breach $10. So Fous has high hopes for XRP and we tend to agree with his prediction.

xrp price 1907

While XRP looks to have a bright future, its market cap is heading toward pre-trial levels. This means it could also be a good time to diversify your position by looking into some low-cap projects with pumping potential. 

We found two of the best crypto presales that fit the bill perfectly.

Wall Street Memes – Could This Be The Meme Coin to Topple DOGE?

Since its inception, Dogecoin (DOGE) has comfortably been the number one meme coin by any metric you wish to use. When you compare its market cap and social media following to any other meme coin, it absolutely dwarfs them. The benefit of being first in the meme coin game has proved huge and many wondered if there was a way to compete.

Wall Street Memes ($WSM) is the first meme coin since Shiba Inu (SHIB) that actually has a chance to topple Dogecoin for one simple reason: community. It is the life force of every meme coin, and most of the time, a meme coin pumping is driven by an online community. What does Wall Street Memes have that no other meme coin before it did? A ready-built community.

Many readers will already be familiar with Wall Street Memes, but for those that are not, they are an online brand that came to prominence after a group of Reddit investors took on Wall Street by buying up lots of Gamestop stock a few years ago. They targeted hedge funds that shorted the stock and even caused one to file for bankruptcy. 

Their online presence now has over 1 million followers across their various social media sites. The jewel in the crown is the Twitter account which has over 250k followers but, more crucially, is a hub of crypto conversation for experts and investors alike. Mr. Fous himself is a follower and known fan of the site.

The Twitter account has gained over 30k followers since the launch of the $wsm presale, which recently passed the $15 million raised mark. It is way too early to tell but it certainly is interesting having a meme coin that may put the cat among the pigeons when it comes to disturbing the hierarchy.

join presale wall street memes

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BTC20 – Experience Being an Original Bitcoin Investor

We are sure there is no one reading this that hasn’t once daydreamed about what it would have been like to get in on Bitcoin before it exploded back in the day. Well, now there is a project that will let you experience what that felt like. BTC20 (BTC20) is a Bitcoin replica that will be selling its tokens for $1, just like the price of Bitcoin from April 2011 before it exploded.

The presale will not increase in price either, so everyone will have a chance to buy BTC20 for $1 before the listings. The comparisons don’t stop there either; there will also be only $6.05 million tokens of BTC available for purchase, which is similar to the amount of Bitcoin that was circulating around 2011.

There are some key differences between BTC20 and the original crypto, though, and it’s not just that BTC20 will be on the Ethereum chain. BTC20 will employ a proof-of-stake system which makes it a much more environmentally friendly option than Bitcoin as it does not require any mining.

Lastly, there is a chance to earn a passive income with BTC20 thanks to its staking program. Once the presale is finished, 14.95 million tokens will be locked into a staking contract for users to stake against. This will allow them to earn rewards while also giving them peace of mind thanks to the added security that staking brings to a project.


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So, Let’s recap. Cameron Fous is very high on the future of XRP, and we are right there along with him. The initial pump may have stopped but there is likely more to come. It is smart to look at low-cap options alongside XRP, and in that sense, $WSM and BTC20 are good alternatives. 

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