Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes Hoping for More QB Sneak Calls: ‘I Haven’t Got Stopped Yet’

Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes Hoping for More QB Sneak Calls: ‘I Haven’t Got Stopped Yet’

Jack MurrayAugust 17, 2023

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA - AUGUST 13: Patrick Mahomes #15 of the Kansas City Chiefs throws a pass against the New Orleans Saints during a preseason game at Caesars Superdome on August 13, 2023 in New Orleans, Louisiana. (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes wants to use his legs when needed.

The two-time MVP doesn’t get the quarterback sneak play call too often, as head coach Andy Reid witnessed Mahomes dislocate his knee on a sneak in 2019. Still, Mahomes said his efficiency in the play should result in more usage, especially in a high-leverage situation.

“I’ll always want to because I always say that I haven’t got stopped yet,” Mahomes said, per Ed Easton Jr. of USA Today. “Because even the one that my knee I got hurt on, I still got the first down. But I’m pretty sure he’s not going to let me do it unless it’s like for the Super Bowl, and so I might have to call my own number in the Super Bowl if we get there.”

Mahomes also said the nature of the 2019 injury was less on the play call itself and more related to where the direction the tackler came at his knee. He said that adding this dynamic back to the playbook could add another dimension to the already potent offense.

“[The difference is] probably because my kneecap was on the side of my leg,” Mahomes said, per Easton Jr. “I think we were doing pretty good until that. No, we were good into we were really good at it until last year. I mean, last year, we didn’t do very well at it. So, we didn’t get the one in the first one. This is the preseason, so we’ve kind of we’ve went back and kind of evaluated it. And hopefully, by the time season comes around, we can get back to converting those.”

While Mahomes’ competitive nature clearly shines through with these comments, it’s hard to argue with Reid’s cautious approach. The Chiefs offense is nearly unstoppable with Mahomes and his talent with the aerial attack trumps any small gains those short-yardage situations could provide.

He has amassed more than 24,000 yards in his 80 career games and has an absurd 192-49 touchdown to interception ratio. He has also led the Chiefs to a 64-16 regular season record, three Super Bowl appearances and two Super Bowl victories. He is already second all-time in franchise history in terms of passing yards and has played less than half of the career games that franchise leader Len Dawson played.

Given all of this, risking his health for a few short yards is likely something Reid isn’t too fond of, but Mahomes’ enthusiasm for the play could mean that the team pulls it out of the hat in a crucial situation down the line.

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