BGC billboard fail as operator scrambles through desktop tickles the internet

BGC billboard fail as operator scrambles through desktop tickles the internet

If you frequent the High Street area along 5th Avenue in BGC, Taguig City, you might have noticed the massive billboard ( a naked-eye 3D one, to be exact) that seamlessly wraps around a portion of the One Bonifacio High Street Mall, just right above Because Coffee by Harlan + Holden.

BGC 3D Billboard Fail
by u/BukPlayzlol in Philippines

A video of the same billboard malfunctioning — while reflecting the desktop screen where the operator frantically scrambles for the right file — has amused the internet.

A post by Reddit user u/BukPlayzlol shared a video of the mishap, with the video captioned with, “Kuya (guy) can’t find the billboard file shit hahaha.”

The post was met with humorous reactions from users.

“I really felt the operator panic haha,” one user wrote.

“Especially because they are probably billing by the minute. Every minute of the ad not displayed is a revenue loss so that would really cause you to panic,” another replied.

“I remember my cousin used to work at the [SM Mall of Asia] where he would run the ads under the MOA Globe. He got stuck in heavy traffic along EDSA and showed up late to the job, at 6pm the Globe still wasn’t running and his manager was pissed,” one shared.

Meanwhile, some asked why the operators did not think of disabling the billboard first before fixing the mishap.

“As a tech guy, I would normally disconnect the display first. But this guy just rammed on,” one user said.

Meanwhile, others thought about certain possibilities, such as porn accidentally being played — which was a real incident that happened in 2018 in Buendia, Makati City.

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“Waiting for a 3d remastered version of the Buendia billboard,” one wrote.

“This was the first thing I thought of when I saw the video. Someone might play something that’s not supposed to be shown,” another jabbed.

Meanwhile, some defended the billboard’s nameless operator, saying that their job is not as easy as it looks.

No system is perfect. That huge billboard creates heat. From time to time it will crash. It is challenging for ITs to maintain this regularly. Hopefully more people have a positive understanding in life,” one commented.

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