Best Rocket League Players in 2023 – Top 10 Players in the World

Best Rocket League Players in 2023 – Top 10 Players in the World

Rocket League first appeared on the scene in gaming as something of an oddity. It has a relatively simple premise, football in cars with rockets. However, this simple set-up has become one of the biggest and most popular esports. As of 2023, Rocket League is free to play and has a lively and active competitive scene.

Rocket League is typically played in teams. However, just because players compete as part of a roster it doesn’t mean that individuals don’t stand out. Looking across the top-ranking Rocket League players for the season, there are plenty of competitors who are in the running for the top 10 best Rocket League players. This is what you need to know about the players who stand out at the moment and who is the best Rocket League player:


Best Rocket League Players in 2023

Rocket League has a relatively prominent esports scene, so there are a lot of Rocket League prodigies out there. The top 10 best Rocket League players can change instantly after a major concludes since there hasn’t been a team that has secured a top-three finish twice. Anyways, to come up with the hall of fame, we looked at active players’ overall earnings, recent Major tournament results, and specifically, players who are consistent throughout 2023 (and late-2022). With what we have available, these are the picks for who are our best Rocket League players.

10. Atow

Atow Rocket League

Tristan “Atow.” Soyez is a very new player in the scene. Only turning 15 in February Last year, Atow has only been able to participate in two splits, however he has helped Team Liquid to qualify for the Major both times. His incredibly quick mechanical plays allow him to beat even the best defenders in the game, which he did in the RLCS 22-23 Fall Invitational, leading his team to win the regional and as a result qualify for the Fall Major against all odds.

9. Daniel

Daniel Best Rocket League Players

Daniel “Daniel” Piecenski is in many fans’ eyes considered to be the greatest player to never win an event. The young prodigy made his debut at the start of 2022 after he was picked up by Spacestation Gaming, and was able to make it to the Grand Final in his first ever event. Despite a tough loss to NRG, it was clear that this kid had something special about him.

Daniel is able to consistently produce impressive performances both online and on LAN, and his insane mechanics help him to produce jaw-dropping goals and clutch saves. He has already earned over $120,000 in his first year of competing in the RLCS, which is a crazy amount for a 16 year old. Daniel is definitely one to look out for in the future.

8. Noly


Joseph “noly” Kidd has experienced the highs and the lows throughout his career, and is finally seeing consistent results with his newest team. After getting dropped twice, he flew over to America with ApparentlyJack hoping to find better results in a new region. The English duo picked up Chronic and shocked the world with what they produced.

As of right now, Noly and the Gen.G squad have made it to every grand final possible. Six back to back appearances since the start of the season, winning three of them, and the main victory being the international Fall Major. Gen.G are known for their outstanding teamwork, and Noly is at the very heart of this. He is easily the best passer in the game right now, and his unselfish plays is a key component in making this team work. His most memorable pass would be the drop down to ApparentlyJack against Moist Esports in the Grand Final which won them the Fall Major.

7. M0NKEY_M00N

BDS M0nkey_M00n

Despite Team BDS’ recent lack of form, there is no questioning that Evan “M0nkey M00n” Rogez still deserves to be on this list. We can’t forget what Team BDS achieved last season, winning multiple regional events and of course dominating the World Championship, with M0nkey M00n always at the helm outperforming everyone.

He is most known for his fast, efficient gameplay, using his incredible intelligence to score and create goals for his team. He has earned over $480,000, most of which coming from the start of the open circuit era. His list of achievements seems endless, winning 8 regionals, all 3 RLCSX Majors, second place at the RLCSX Championship, RLCS 21-22 Fall Major Champion and RLCS 21-22 World Champion. M0nkey M00n is for sure one of the greatest of all time.

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6. Itachi

itachi top rocket league players

Amine “itachi” Benayachi has had a long journey to the top, but is finally seeing the success that he deserves with his new Karmine Corp Roster. After a disappointing top 8 finish at worlds, Karmine decided to rebuild their team around Itachi, picking up Vatira and ExoTiiK.

The french speaking trio took RLCS 22-23 by storm, making it to all three grand finals in the Fall Split (and winning one), and after their disappointing top 8 at the Fall Major they have rebounded with two back to back regional wins so far in the Winter Split. Itachi has been pivotal in their drastic improvement since the Major. His new offensive form has made him the stand out player in Europe so far in Winter, which is not an easy task considering that he has the best player in the world on his team.

5. Atomic

Atomic RL

After an impressive RLCSX season under Team Envy (winning a grand total of 4 regional events), Massimo “Atomic” Franceschi was picked up by G2 Esports at the beginning of 2022.

G2 became the most dominant team in North America for the remainder of RLCS 21-22, winning three regional events and most notably the Winter Major in LA, where Atomic had an incredible performance and took home the MVP. He performed well again at the World Championships, but fell just short to BDS in the Grand Final. These results and more have earned him a total of over $380,000. Not bad for a 19 year old.

Atomic is most well known for his impossible saves, saving his team at the last moment when defeat looks inevitable. He has also fit into the G2 playstyle perfectly, helping to create chances for his teammates with the help of his incredible mechanics.

4. ApparentlyJack

ApparentlyJack Best Rocket League Players Top 5

Jack “ApparentlyJack” Benton firstly gained recognition in the 1v1 scene. He proved to be one of the best players in the world with his solo outplays, excellent decision making and intelligence. Additionally, he was able to successfully transfer these skills into 3v3, eventually getting picked up by Dignitas and winning his first event at the start of RLCS 21-22.

After being on a downwards trend for the rest of the RLCS 21-22 season, as previously mentioned Jack set off to America with fellow Englishman Noly, which proved to be the best decision of their career. After gaining a reputation that he could never perform on LAN, Jack proved all of the haters wrong with an MVP winning performance at the Rotterdam Fall Major. He has earned over $170,000 so far in his career, most of which coming from this season under Gen.G Mobil1 Racing.

3. Firstkiller


Jason “Firstkiller” Corral has been considered to be one of the best players in the World for almost as long as M0nkey_M00n. Despite having six regional event wins, FaZe Firstkiller has earned the name “Fourthkiller” from fans (and his team named “Fourth Clan”), due to their consistent fourth place finishes at LAN. Whilst I’m sure he is not satisfied with these results, getting top 4 in five out of six LANs is an incredible achievement in itself, and having the consistency to do this with multiple different rosters is one factor that puts Firstkiller above the rest.

He has earned over $350,000 from these results and more, an astonishing amount for an 18 year old. And after an MVP performance at the most recent North American Winter Cup, there is no question that he deserves to be in the top 5 of this list.

2. Rise

Rise Best RL Players

Finlay “rise.” Ferguson has been one of the most consistent performers in the World after his rapid “rise” to the top at the start of 2022. He helped his team to win three regional events, a second place at the Winter Major and a famous victory at the Spring Major in London. He is most famous for his clutch shooting at the end of games (especially on LAN), miraculously forcing overtimes when all hope is almost lost. Rise has more ice in his veins than any other pro by far.

Since the start of RLCS 22-23, Rise has had mixed results, the most notable came from an unexpected second palace finish at the Fall Major where he helped Moist take revenge on their ex-teammate Vatira. After moving to Oxygen Esports since then, he will be hoping for better results with his new team to take the number one spot later this year.

1. Vatira

Vatira RL Best Rocket League Player

Axel “vatira.” Touret is without question the best player in the world right now. Alongside the aforementioned Rise, he was undoubtedly Moist Esports’ MVP throughout the RLCS 21-22 season. After a controversial move from Moist to Karmine Corp, he continued his dominance in RLCS 22-23, making it to every regional final so far and winning three out of a possible five. He has earned over $180,000, and this is very impressive seeing as his career only really began at the start of 2022.

The French 16-year-old is well known for his impeccable defense, and is regarded as the best defender in the world. Not only that, Vatira has the ability to produce sublime mechanical 1v3 outplays in offense, and this alongside his world class defense is what makes him stand out above the rest. Nobody does it like Vatira.

top 10 best rocket league players

Best Rocket League Players in 2022

Best Rocket League Players in 2022

Here are our rankings and picks for who are our best Rocket League players are in 2022.

10. yanxnz

yanxnz is a Rocket League player for FURIA Esports. Hailing from Brazil, he’s FURIA’s golden boy after officially debuting this RLCS season, representing the South America region as a Rocket League powerhouse. With undisputed victories within the SA region and consistent improvement since the Fall Split Major, yanxnz is a standout as one of the best Rocket League players. Yanxnz’s latest accomplishment is securing fifth at the Winter Split Major.

Yanxnz Pro Player

Yan “yanxnz” Xisto Nolasco

9. Daniel

Daniel is yet another rising star who has been in competitive Rocket League events at only 15. He’s arguably the youngest prodigy given his performance in Spacestation Gaming recently and is already making a name for himself. Although he only made $38,229 throughout his Esports appearances, it’s a noteworthy accomplishment at only 15-year-old and one year of his career.

While he surely isn’t a top contender for best Rocket League goals, he makes up for his impeccable defense. He scored the highest rating for saves, making him an indispensable player in SSG. His recent performance includes winning third place at RLCS Winter Split Major and surely this isn’t a long list. Nevertheless, Daniel is one of the most impressive players to still be qualifiable for collegiate Esports and a must-see for top clutches in the Rocket League.

Daniel Pro Player

Daniel “Daniel” Piecenski

8. Chicago

Chicago entered the league back in 2017. While he’s been incompatible with several Rocket League squads throughout his career, it seems like G2 Esports might be his final calling. Even then, Chicago has always been at the center of opponents’ attention, which often prohibited him from delivering the fanciest of Rocket League goal explosions.

Being Chicago, who’s also a keen tutor of good Rocket League best practices on his Youtube channel, he seemingly manages to make the best out of a bad situation. We often see Chicago play around passing the ball to his teammates for the best opportunity to shoot the goal, so it isn’t all for naught.

Thanks to his versatility, he’s easily one of the best Rocket League players in 2022.


Reed “Chicago” Wilen

7. Jstn

Jstn is an American Rocket League player who is part of the NRG Squad. In this line-up, he pulled off impressive results during the RLCS Fall Split Major. While his string of victories with this team still makes him one of the top 10 Rocket League players. The most recent major has showcased jstn as a lacklustre player. Expect his other teammates on this list too, but nowhere at their prime during past seasons.

That said, it is difficult to determine these NRG individuals in this ranking as they all contributed to different aspects to make NRG the ideal NA powerhouse. Regardless, Jstn earned his spot on the list due to his commendable achievement during the RLCS Fall Split Major.

Best rocket league players

Justin “jstn.” Morales

6. GarrettG

When looking at the best Rocket League teams this season, NRG would have stood out if they haven’t been overwhelmed by Team Queso prematurely.

That said, GarrettG delivers as one of the best Rocket League players for good reasons. GarretG has been around since late 2015 and became a staple in every top-of-the-game NRG moment. GarrettG’s winnings inch the $500,000 benchmark.

Admittedly, we have been harsh on GarrettG and other NRG folks. After all, his consistent participation in every RLCS Major is enough reason to consider him among the top 10 best Rocket League players. If the RLCS Winter Split Major outcome has put NRG in better standing than a twelfth place, GarretG is probably the best Rocket League player in 2022.

GarretG RL

Garrett “GarrettG” Gordon

5. rise.

Rise, just as his name suggests, is the 17-year-old prodigy who has been part of the Rocket League scene since he was relatively young, age 15 to be exact. In just a short span, he became Team Queso’s driver towards their success at RLCS Winter Split Major. Despite attending his first and only Major, rise played the most matches in this major, earning himself the proclaimed title of a seasoned veteran.

There is no question that Queso with rise can be a top 5 player in Rocket League in 2022. He carried Queso’s weight with his plentiful plays and refined moves in his arsenal.

rise rl player

Finlay “rise.” Ferguson

4. Vatira

Vatira is the other new addition in the top 10 best Rocket League players ranking, and overall, one of the best Rocket League players in the entire game. He’s part of Team Queso, who achieved the same great results as the aforementioned candidate on the team. Over his barely one-year career in Rocket League, the French player has competed in various small-scale tournaments and eventually garnered attention from peers. He’s a good fit for any best Rocket League player list but truly stood out in his feisty goal shots.

Vatira RL Pro Player

Axel “Vatira.” Touret

3. M0nkey_M00n

M0nkey_M00n is an alternative French Rocket League player who has been active much longer, since 2018. He’s part of team BDS, the winners of the RLCS Fall Split Major. Historically, as part of this squad, he’s come first in the Spring EU Major, Spring Grid, Winter Major, Fall EU Major, all within Season X. This list is pretty exhaustive, so M0nkey_M00n’s team still stands out in recent seasons of Rocket League. On the individual skill spectrum, M0nkey_M00n is often hailed above much of the EU server and shows little sign of slowing down anytime soon.

Monkey Moon BDS

Evan “M0nkey M00n” Rogez

2. JKnaps

JKnaps deserves a spot on the best Rocket League players list thanks to his contribution at achieving G2 Esports’ lifetime goal.

That said, JKnaps has accomplished many goals during his stay in G2, such as winning two regional RLCS season finals. Most recently, he won the RLCS Winter Split Major with G2 Esports and has winnings exceeding $320,000. Hence, JKnaps is certainly in the running for the top Rocket League players, both this season and all time.#

jknaps pro player

Jacob “JKnaps” Knapman

1. Atomic

We save the best for the last, and Atomic fits that ideal candidate, who has overflowing talent to surpass everybody’s expectations. His accomplishment checklist includes winning first in five regional events, the RLCS Season X NA Championship, and recently, the Winter Split Major.

That’s right, Atomic is the undisputed wunderkind of G2 Esports and already won a major at the age of 18. What sets Atomic apart is his calculative goal shots, whereby he is very involved in not just pulling off sick goal shots himself, but assisted heavily. With G2 at the pinnacle of NA RLCS Leaderboard, expect Atomic to shine through as 2022’s biggest prodigies.

Atomic RL Pro Player

Massimo “Atomic” Franceschi

Quick List

We can’t fit all the amazing talent onto one top 10 list, and there is high subjectivity in our selection. The best Rocket League players are those who have really made their mark on this game and challenged what can be done. Regardless, every single individual on this list has earned their spot to be considered a hopeful among top Rocket League betting players.

Player Current Team
Vatira Karmine Corp
rise. Oxygen Esports
Firstkiller FaZe Clan
ApparentlyJack Gen.G Mobil1 Racing
Atomic G2 Esports
Itachi Karmine Corp
M0nkey_M00n Team BDS
Noly Gen.G Mobil1 Racing
Daniel Spacestation Gaming
Atow Team Liquid

Considering how drastically a seasoned player like GarrettG fell off, it’s quite evident that our list is never definitive. If anything, that just goes to show that the Rocket League Esports scene is diverse enough for newcomers to eventually compete and overthrow its former pioneers.

Teams compete at every level of this game, from small contests to world championships. However, there are some Rocket League players that really stand out. These are those that most players look to for Rocket League betting, and those who manage the Rocket League goal explosions that make the game so fun.

Best Rocket League Players FAQ

Who is the best Rocket League player?

The answer to this question changes often. That’s the nature of the game! As more pro games are played, new talents emerge and more players come to take the crown. Our top 10 list can certainly give you an idea though.

What are the best Rocket League tournaments to watch?

The Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) is the top tier league of RL tournaments in the world. Each year takes place across 3 splits before culminating in a World Championship tournament. You can catch all of the best players in the world competing!

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