Barcelona players ride in open-top buses for joyous celebrations

Barcelona players ride in open-top buses for joyous celebrations


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Tuesday May 16, 2023

Barça womens team on an open-top bus for the victory parade.
Barça women’s team on an open-top bus for the victory parade.

Barcelona players from the men’s and women’s teams basked in the affection of thousands of supporters as they paraded through the city’s streets to celebrate their dual league titles.  

The men’s team, led by Xavi Hernandez, secured their 27th league title with a victory over Espanyol, ending a drought since 2019. Meanwhile, Barcelona’s women’s team claimed their fourth consecutive Liga F win. The players rode in open-top buses, with jubilant fans lining the streets to cheer them on, despite the threat of rain. 

The atmosphere was electric as players like Ronald Araujo and Robert Lewandowski waved to the crowd adorned in their respective national flags and Barcelona scarves. Coach Xavi Hernandez, whose name was frequently chanted, added to the excitement by throwing down a can of beer to the thirsty fans below. 

Both teams proudly wore t-shirts proclaiming their league victories and the promise of a bright future.

The parade route took the buses through the main square, Plaza Catalunya, and toward the Arc de Triomf monument. The crowds grew larger along the way, with fans standing on balconies and climbing on top of bus stop shelters to catch a glimpse of their heroes. 

The festive atmosphere was complemented by a bus leading the way, pumping out pop songs and filling the streets with blue and red smoke. Despite the joyous celebrations, supporters expressed their expectations for both teams to achieve more success in European competitions. 

Barcelona’s women’s team, in particular, is set to face Wolfsburg in the Champions League final, aiming to secure their second continental trophy.

Among the chants and celebrations, there were also discussions among fans about the potential return of Lionel Messi. Some supporters expressed hope that Barcelona would bring him back “home” after his contract with Paris Saint-Germain expires, while others had reservations about rebuilding the team. Barcelona’s parade united the men’s and women’s teams in an unprecedented joint celebration, highlighting their achievements and the unity within the club.

As the festivities continued, the men’s team looked ahead to their final match at the Spotify Camp Nou before moving to the Montjuïc Olympic Stadium next season. On the other hand, Barcelona’s women’s team remained focused on their upcoming Champions League final in Eindhoven, aiming to secure another continental triumph. 

The celebrations reflected the joy and optimism within Barcelona’s camp and left fans eagerly anticipating more victories to come.

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