5 Meme Tokens in CoinMarketCap’s Top Ten Trending Crypto Coins to Buy Now!

5 Meme Tokens in CoinMarketCap’s Top Ten Trending Crypto Coins to Buy Now!

Never invest in meme tokens…Unless you are ready for great rewards!

Although experts thought the meme coins era passed because of the higher investment risks, meme projects are far away from dead

This year, in particular, brought another meme tokens frenzy with many new meme projects launching and trending. And some newly launched meme projects AiDoge and SpongeBob Token, made it to the list of the top trending crypto coins to buy this year! 

Both projects are available at a lower price, and investors choose them because of the great rewards they receive and the bright future. Experts consider them the future top meme crypto projects.

Except for AiDoge and SpongeBob Token, three meme crypto projects are on the list. Read the article to learn more. 



5 Meme Tokens to Buy Now – Overview

Here are the top 5 meme tokens from the list of top trending crypto coins to buy now:

1) AiDoge is the best meme token to buy now!

AiDoge is the newest AI-integrated meme token and the first meme project that combines AI and crypto. AiDoge uses the latest AI technology and algorithms to let users create high-quality and the most relevant memes. Users must enter the text-based prompts, and AI will do the rest.

Furthermore, users can stake their AI tokens, earn daily rewards and increase their credits. Staking is crucial for long-term platform engagement and development. 

Lastly, all creators can publish memes on the public wall – a dynamic space where all users can vote and pick the best creations. Each month, the creator of the best meme will earn worthy rewards.

AiDoge is currently at presale and has raised over $5.5 million. Hurry up and buy this best meme token at a lower price while you still can.

Why should you invest in AiDoge?

  • Your work gets increased exposure, and you can show your talent to the community.
  • You access all premium features like new templates, airdrops, and more.
  • You get daily rewards.
  • You can also get 50 billion in $AI airdropped when you help the project reach its presale target. 
  • You invest in the token with utility.

What makes AiDoge unique?

This is the first AI-integrated meme platform that offers meme creation. Since it combines the two most popular niches, crypto and AI, AiDoge became the most relevant meme-creation platform. 

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After 24 years of crazy adventures on TV, SpongeBob has embarked on new adventures, this time in the crypto world. Despite being launched without almost no marketing, the SpongeBob Token rallied 150% after the launch.

Many investors consider this community meme token the best meme token currently. After many Alpha investors went crazy for $SPONGE, the token’s trading volume exploded and crossed the $1 million mark in a few hours.

This Spongebob Square Pants-themed token grew 3,300% within 72 hours, and the demand for the project is higher than ever. And the best thing is that you can buy this crypto at exchanges like Uniswap, CoinW, BTCEX, and Toobit. Soon, SpongeBob Token will be listed on the MEXC exchange too.

Why should you invest in SpongeBob Token?

  • You invest in the top trending meme token.
  • You can earn great rewards by participating in various SpongeBob Token giveaways.
  • You can receive some airdropped tokens as a reward for early investors.
  • You invest in a token that shows massive growth potential.

What makes SpongeBob Token unique?

The project captures the world of beloved cartoon characters in the best way and turns it into a profit-making machine. Even though similar to Pepecoin, $SPONGE is outperforming $PEPE in terms of performance and hitting crucial milestones.


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3) BEN is the fastest-growing meme token with great potential

Created by retired chemistry professor Ben, BEN is a crypto project that offers unique opportunities to its holders.

The main goal of the project is to add value to its holders. The project is created to protect the interests of token holders, which means BEN is a fair token. This crypto also offers fast, secure, and transparent transactions. 

After the listings on the crypto exchanges, BEN exploded. The project is now ranked 4th on CoinMarketCap’s top ten trending crypto coins to buy now!

ben crypto

Referred to as the Dogecoin killer, Shiba Inu is among the most popular meme coins. Although created in 2020, Shiba gained popularity in 2021, when it witnessed exponential growth.

Shina Inu is compatible with the Ethereum network, helping its adoption as the payment currency. In the last couple of months, Shia Inu also generated community interest with the Shibarium launch – layer 2 protocol that will expand the Shiba Inu network. 

This network development solution should increase transaction speed and scalability and lower fees.

shiba inu

Similarly to $SPONGE, PEPE was launched without any heavy marketing activities. But that doesn’t stop the project from becoming one of the best new meme tokens to buy now. In April, PEPE hit $1.6 billion in market cap and gathered a strong community of followers.

PEPE is a deflationary project launched on Ethereum that pays tribute to Pepe the Frog, an internet meme popular in the early 2000s. The honoring of this popular character is what makes PEPE unique. 

The project aims to capitalize on the popularity of other meme projects like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. You can currently buy this token on exchanges like Uniswap, Binance, KuCoin, MEXC, and more.

Final Words

Although Dogecoin and Shiba Inu are terrific investments because of their market cap and popularity, smaller projects like AiDoge and SpongeBob Token also bring great rewards. In fact, experts agree smaller projects bring greater rewards faster than larger cryptos. 

And even better, you can get them at a lower price now and enjoy great benefits in the future. So hurry up and be an early investor in AiDoge or SpongeBob token and enjoy great ROI!

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