1000-Lb. Sisters’ Tammy Slaton Shares Photos of Her Dramatic Weight Loss

1000-Lb. Sisters’ Tammy Slaton Shares Photos of Her Dramatic Weight Loss

Tammy Slaton is giving followers a look at her impressive weight loss in new photos.

The 1000-Lb. Sisters star, 36, shared nine photos on Instagram Monday, and the captionless post attracted a host of praise and encouragement from her followers and fans of the TLC show.

“I think I speak for everyone when I say WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU ๐Ÿ‘,” one follower wrote on Slaton’s post.

Another shared their emotional reactions to her journey on this season of the TLC show, writing, “Omg Tammy you look amazing! And no more trach! I have cried on every episode this season! You freakin’ did it girl! I am so proud of you!”

“Tammy I am so proud of you! I always knew you could do it ๐Ÿ’—,” another follower wrote. “You look great & we can tell you’re genuinely happy. I look forward to watching you transform into who you’re meant to be!”

Slaton had been inactive on the app since her last post on Feb. 14, which was her first since March 2022.

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PHOTO: Tammy Slaton/Instagram
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PHOTO: Tammy Slaton/Instagram

In the latest season of 1000-Lb. Sisters, viewers have gotten an inside look at her recent marriage to Caleb Willingham, who she met at a rehab facility in Ohio and left her “speechless” after his surprise proposal.

Slaton also achieved her weight loss goal in a recent episode โ€” she needed to drop from 717 lbs. to 550 lbs. in order to qualify for weight loss surgery, and, much to her excitement, she made it down to 534 lbs.

“When I got on the scale and I saw the scale was at 534.7, I kinda stopped breathing for a second,” Slaton said during the Feb. 7 episode. “I’m like 14 lbs. under my goal weight. From over 700, that’s a huge drop.”

She added, “I’m feeling thrilled, proud, excited โ€” just all the emotions. I proved everybody wrong. Everybody that doubted me, I finally got mine! My told-you-so moment!”

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At 534 lbs., Slaton is eligible โ€” and ready โ€” to undergo bariatric surgery with surgeon Dr. Eric Smith. It’s unconfirmed whether the operation has already taken place or not.

In an episode that aired Feb. 28, she is greeted and celebrated by her whole family as she leaves the Ohio rehab facility to undergo the weight loss operation.

“They had a poster for me to read that everybody wrote a little something on there to celebrate me,” she said during the episode. “I mean, bโ€”s this is about me at the end of the day because I’m queen.”

Her family’s support moved her to tears, and she admitted that she “needed to know that they love me no matter what” ahead of the surgery.

“I needed to know that they’re here for me. They love me. That’s one of the biggest things to help push me through to get to where I am now.”

Tammy Slaton/Instagram

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Slaton’s sister, Amy Slaton, was nervous as she anticipated the life-changing surgery Tammy had ahead of her. “I am nervous for Tammy,” she said during the episode. “Anything could happen during surgery. I couldn’t picture a life without my sister.”

New episodes of 1000-Lb. Sisters air Tuesdays on TLC at 9pm ET/PT.

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